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Four Steps to Spa Greatness!

Liquid error: internalIncorporating the bathroom spa experience in today’s home is becoming far more commonplace. That’s true, in part, because adding luxury and comfort to your master bathroom is much more affordable than it once was. No longer do you have to stay in a resort hotel to have that spa experience. You can enjoy a spa bathroom without ever leaving home.

I’ve listed some renovations below that can help you to achieve that quintessential spa bathroom. Some are more costly than others, but any one would be a great start to transforming an ordinary bathroom into your spa retreat.

First, warm your floors! Generally speaking, your bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in your home and so adding electric radiant heating under tile flooring will add lots of warmth and comfort, without breaking the budget.

Second, include a towel warmer. There are lots of styles available for just about every décor imaginable, so you can easily find one that compliments your bathroom’s design. Not only can a towel warmer be a beautiful accessory, it will keep your towels warm and dry. Both plug-in and hardwired models are available, so you can add a towel warmer during new construction or as part of a simple bathroom remodel.

Third, steam up your shower. Right now, steam showers are the hottest luxury item in bathroom design (no pun intended). Not only is the steam shower lovely, but it’s is also a great way to relax and let go of the pressure and stress of the day. With all that steam, how will you ever be able to see in the mirror when it’s time to shave or put on make-up? Well, there is a low cost solution for that too… so, read on.

Fourth, add mirror defogger. Easy to install behind your wall mirror, the defogger will prevent the glass from steaming up during showering or bathing. No matter how foggy your bathroom becomes, the mirror will stay crystal clear.

That’s it! I can’t promise that all of these renovations will be easy, especially if you plan to do it yourself. But, the end result will be lovely and luxurious, and well worth it. Pretty soon your friends (even those who live nearby) will be coming up with reasons why they need to stay overnight at your house. You may want to keep your bathroom remodel a secret!

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That is a nice one. Now I know why showering in spas is more comfortable compared to doing it anywhere else. Well, showering with a little warmth surrounding and water is really relaxing, and being relaxed is equivalent to a healthy mind, thus giving you more power to do your tasks. Now, that's really a good one.

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