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Four Tips For Putting More Money Into Your Rainy Day Fund

Savings from your tax refund

Even if your finances are in great shape, there's no reason why you can't tweak your spending habits to help you save more money. Additional savings means leftover cash for vacations, new furniture and other upgrades around the house.

Whether you already have a tendency to pinch pennies whenever possible or you've never exercised caution when spending money before, there's no better time to upgrade your practices than now. Here are some ways that you can pour more cash into your rainy day fund through radiant floor heating, addressing energy leaks and learning what can be recycled around the house.

1. Install a radiant heating system.
If you're tired of cranking up the thermostat during the winter months only to find yourself a little chilly, you might want to look for a new efficient way to warm your home. Radiant floor heating is one option you can consider. This will not only add more comfort underfoot, but reduce your reliance on your furnace during the winter - more money for your savings account!

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2. Conduct an energy audit.
Call in a professional to conduct an energy audit in your home to identify areas where hot and cold air are leaking throughout the year. Problem areas might be your windows and doors, which can then be caulked and sealed to prevent future drafts and energy leakage. Understanding where heat is escaping can help you reduce your monthly expenses.

3. Reuse and recycle what you can.
If your family has bad habits such as constantly using paper plates and plastic cups rather than dishware, put a stop to it today. Not only will this save you money, but it'll help your household reduce its carbon footprint over time. Knowing what can and can't be recycled can keep more cash in your savings account in addition to helping the planet.

4. Opt for green household appliances.
Whether it's your television or your microwave, try to go green when shopping for appliances and electronics for your home. There are many energy-efficient versions of appliances now available for homeowners looking to be more environmentally friendly - don't pass them by while you're shopping! These items can not only benefit the earth, but help you reduce your electricity bill as well.

Whether you take a couple of these tips into account or all four of them, you can be sure to save more cash by doing so today.

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