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Putting Together Your Stylish Bachelor Pad

While the world of interior design may traditionally draw more women, there are plenty of men just as devoted to their home's décor. You don't need to have a flair for color schemes or feng shui though to...

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A Little Diy Advice For Prepping To Sand Your Wood Floors

Do you have some carpet that may be older than you are? Or have your gorgeous wood floors just taken a beating over the years? Perhaps you're ripping up the linoleum in the kitchen in hopes of salvaging...

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Southwest Style For Your Home

Perhaps you live in the heart of the Arizona desert, a devotee of dry heat and mesas. Or maybe you're a resident of Maine looking to give your living room a little kick. Wherever you call home, no house...

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Makeover Your Dining Room For The Season

Autumn could be your dining room's finest season. While most of your summer meals were probably eaten out on the terrace, deck or patio, cool fall weather will mean relocating indoors and basking in the...

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Staying Warm Through Fall And Winter In Your Basement Apartment

While most folks who call a basement or garden level apartment home have to admit they get a bit less sunlight, during the sweltering days of summer it's a perfectly fair trade for a naturally cooler...

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