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Going Green In The Home Office

If you've always wanted a home office, there's never been a better time to build one - especially for the green at heart. With the surplus of affordable and environmentally-friendly materials now on the...

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Designing An Environmentally Sustainable Basement

If you have a finished basement, you're probably itching to set it up with an awesome home theater or a gorgeously constructed billiards table. While furnishing any room is a blast, finished basements are...

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Living A Greener Lifestyle In Your Kitchen

Green lifestyles are more than a trend, they're an imperative part of the future. As climate change and resource limitations begin to affect the majority of the developed world, you'll want to be certain...

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Giving Your Home A Sense Of Timeless History

Whether your home was built in the early 19th century as part of a New England hay farm or long after that during the early 1920s in Hollywood's boom years, it is certain to have a lot of history. Even...

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Refurbishing Your Summer Cabin For The Upcoming Autumn

August is still hot weather at its most sweltering and humid, but it's also a fantastic opportunity to head up to your summer cabin for one last vacation and get a bit of refurbishing and remodeling done...

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