Prodeso Membrane Roll 162 sq.ft. (3.3 ft x 49.2 ft.)

Prodeso Membrane Roll 162 sq.ft. (3.3 ft x 49.2 ft.)

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Prodeso Cable Installation Membrane Description

The Prodeso Cable Installation Membrane is an uncoupling membrane that is designed to be used with TempZone electric floor heating cable*. This 162 sq. ft. roll of the membrane is great for use in larger projects. 

The unique design of the membrane allows for greatly accelerated installations of radiant floor heating—in fact, most floor heating installs with this membrane can be completed in a single day.

The polypropylene membrane features integrated channels are shaped to easily and securely hold the 3.7-watt TempZone Heating Cable. This makes it easy to maintain proper spacing throughout an entire project. The Prodeso membrane also provides uncoupling and crack isolation benefits, which can greatly extend the life of tile, marble, and stone floors. With the use of ProBand accessories, the membrane can also be waterproofed for high-moisture applications like kitchens or bathrooms. The low 7/32" profile of this membrane means its installation won't significantly increase overall floor height. The membrane comes with a 10-year warranty.  

* TempZone electric floor heating cable sold separately. 


Product Dimensions

Coverage 162.36 Sq. Ft.
Length 49′2.4″
Stud Spacing 1.25″
Thickness 0.219″
Weight 30 lbs
Width 3′3.6″


Minimum Tile Size 2" x 2"
Recommended Cable Spacing 3.75 in, 5 in


UPC (GTIN-12) 881308051426


Type Membrane

Warranty / Certifications

Warranty 10 years

Customer Questions & Answers

Is a floor heating underlayment always required?

No, an underlayment isn’t always necessary. 

However, there are some situations in which the use of an underlayment would be required, such as heating over a cement slab (where an insulating underlayment would most likely be required).

How do I figure out how much underlayment I’ll need for my floor heating project?

The best way is to use our Radiant Floor Heating Quote Builder tool. It’s a great way to get an estimation by simply providing project information like room size and subfloor type. 

Which floor heating underlayment is best for a high-moisture installation like a bathroom?

Typically, an uncoupling membrane like Prodeso will be best for this application because it can be paired with accessories to effectively waterproof the subfloor. 

However, if you have a cement subfloor, then CeraZorb synthetic cork is a good choice because of its high R-value and moisture resistance. 

How are insulating underlayments different from uncoupling membranes?

Insulating underlayments and uncoupling membranes share some key characteristics like providing crack isolation benefits. But they are separated by their primary functions. 

Insulating underlayments, like cork or CeraZorb, provide a thermal break between a subfloor and the heating elements, which can help prevent “heat sink” and increase energy efficiency. This can be particularly beneficial if you are trying to heat a room above a cement slab or above an unheated garage. 
Uncoupling membranes, like the Prodeso membrane, are great for protecting relatively fragile floor coverings like tile from foundational movement. They also allow for faster installation times than many other types of floor heating. 

Customer Reviews

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Gabor S., Niagara Falls, ON on 07/04/2019

I'm very happy with your product.

Joseph S., Washington, DC on 04/19/2019

Great Product

Joseph S., Washington, DC on 04/19/2019

Easy to install and the end result is exactly what we were looking for.

Perfect Product

Jim H., Shelburne, VT on 03/19/2019

The Prodeso membrane was easy to install.

Gary, Wauseon, OH on 03/06/2019

Product is great as well as our Account Manager, Chad.

John M., Parsippany, NJ on 03/01/2019

Liliana, Eldon, MO on 02/17/2019

Dean C., Schenectady, NY on 02/03/2019

Dean C., Schenectady, NY on 02/03/2019

Dean C., Schenectady, NY on 02/03/2019

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