SmartFit Measuring Service for Radiant Heating

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Knowing what to measure (and what obstacles to account for when measuring) for a floor heating system or a snow melting system installation can be difficult. With SmartFit, our Radiant Experts can either measure your project directly or assist the measuring process remotely to ensure that your radiant heating system is a perfect fit.

Professional Radiant Heating Measuring Service

One of the most common radiant heating installation issues is having too much or too little of the electric heating elements for the project. When you have too much heating wire, some people will end up installing the elements too closely together which can cause them to overheat and fail. If you don’t have enough heating element, the heating wires can be installed too far apart which can severely limit their effectiveness. There can also be issues when certain features aren’t identified that can cause problems during installations like air vents for floor heating or storm drains for snow melting. These problems are typically caused by improper measurements of the project itself or by a lack of experience with radiant heating products, which can result in the system being designed poorly.

With our SmartFit service, we have 2 options to make sure that you will have a perfectly sized radiant heating system. If your project is within 100 miles (round trip) from the Chicago-area, our Radiant Experts can come directly to the jobsite and measure your project there. Please note that there is an additional, milage-based fee for projects located outside of that range. We also have a remote option where our Radiant Experts can assist you (or your installer) via video conferencing to make sure the right measurements are being taken.

With either option, our Radiant Experts also have the necessary expertise to identify potential issues with the jobsite and to make sure that those issues are addressed during the design process. Then they’ll use these measurements to work with our team of highly skilled engineers to develop a custom installation plan for your snow melting or floor heating project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after the appointment?

Based on the measurements taken, you’ll be sent a customized SmartPlan that will include an itemized quote, an electrical plan, and a detailed installation plan. You’ll need to review this SmartPlan and do the following:

1. Verify that the measurements in the installation plan are correct.

2. Inform us of any changes or modifications to the measurements of the area previously measured, to the material types to be used in the project, or to the selection of space to be heated. Failure to report these changes may cause issues with the installation.

Do I need to be there for the measure?

The customer, or an authorized customer representative, will need to be present at the appointment (or present during the call if the remote option is being used) to provide sign-off on the completed service.

What do I need to know before the appointment?

The area to be measured should be free of any obstacles or items (including, but not limited to, furniture, machinery, vehicles, or building materials) that could impede measurement of the space. This is the customer’s responsibility and should be addressed before the scheduled appointment.

What if I need to cancel or postpone my SmartFit appointment?

Please note that you can reschedule or cancel up to 24 hrs. prior to your appointment with a full refund—failure to cancel after that timeframe will result in being charged in full for the service.

What happens after I book a SmartFit request?

A WarmlyYours representative will be contacting you soon to schedule the specific time and date for your SmartFit appointment. During that discussion, you’ll need to confirm that the email and phone number on file are correct for the customer or customer representative that will be working directly with the WarmlyYours representative during the appointment.

What area does the SmartFit service serve?

The service fee for our onsite version of SmartFit covers 100 miles of travel (round trip) for our Radiant Experts. For projects located outside of that range, there will be an additional, milage-based fee.

Our remote version of SmartFit via video conferencing is available for practically any project regardless of location.

Do you measure and install?

WarmlyYours offers both the SmartFit measuring service and an installation service called SmartInstall. To learn more about SmartInstall or any of our SmartServices, contact your WarmlyYours account representative. 

What types of projects can WarmlyYours measure?

WarmlyYours can measure indoor and/or outdoor areas for radiant heating.

Can multiple areas be measured? Is there a limit?

There is no limit to the number of areas to be measured. WarmlyYours provides multiple packages depending on the size of the project.

What is SmartFit?

SmartFit is a measuring service provided by WarmlyYours. A service agent either comes to measure your project or they assist your remotely via video conferencing to help you pick the right product for your radiant heating project.

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SmartFit Terms & Conditions

  • The service fee for SmartFit onsite includes 100 miles of travel (round trip) for a WarmlyYours technical support team member to come to the jobsite. If your project is located outside of this range, each additional mile will incur a surcharge of $15 per mile. Alternatively, we can provide a remote version of SmartFit via video conferencing.
  • WarmlyYours is not responsible for moving any furniture, heavy equipment, or materials that could be in the way of the measuring service. It will be the customer's responsibility to make sure the space is cleared prior to the SmartFit appointment. Failure to comply with these terms may result in the non-completion of the service with no refund.
  • The customer (or an appointed representative) will need to be physically present (for the onsite service) or on the call (for the remote service) during the SmartFit appointment in order to sign off on the services provided by the WarmlyYours representative. Failure to comply with these terms may result in the non-completion of the service with no refund.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to report any changes/modifications to the measurements of the area previously measured, to the material types to be used in the project, or to the selection of space to be heated. Failure to report these changes may cause issues with the installation, for which WarmlyYours will not be responsible.
  • If you wish to cancel this service prior to completion, you must contact WarmlyYours at least 24 hours prior to the date for which the service is scheduled. Failure to comply may result in no refund.
  • Projects requiring an overnight (or extended) stay from the technical support representative will require an additional fee that will be calculated at the quoting stage.

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