SmartGuide Remote Install Supervision for Floor Heating

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We know that not everyone is a radiant heating expert (that's our job!). That's why we've condensed over 25 years of experience into our SmartGuide services. With remote SmartGuide, our WarmlyYours Radiant Heating Experts can supervise your floor heating installation and remotely assist your local installers.

SmartGuide Remote Install Supervision Service for Floor Heating

Now with our SmartGuide remote service, you can have your floor heating installation remotely supervised by one of our certified WarmlyYours Radiant Experts with video conferencing. These experts have seen it all and their wealth of knowledge will be there to ensure that your installation is efficient and your heating system will remain well functioning for many years to come.

In addition to floor heating, our SmartGuide remote service can be applied to other products such as our towel warmers and radiant heat panels—just make sure to note the product type of your choice when you request the service.

Available Platforms

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work for the SmartGuide remote service?

The SmartGuide Remote service fee includes 1 hour of remote support via video conferencing. After the initial hour, there will be a surcharge for each additional hour.

Your WarmlyYours account manager can provide more specific pricing information.

What platform is the SmartGuide remote service available on?

Currently, this service is only available using the Zoom platform.

What types of installations qualify for SmartGuide remote service?

We offer remote support for almost all of our indoor products including floor heating, towel warmers, radiant heat panels, mirror defoggers, and countertop heaters.

Can you advise me on how to install other manufacturer's products?

No. At this time, the SmartGuide remote service is limited to exclusively to WarmlyYours products.

SmartGuide Remote - Terms and Conditions

  • A pre-install planning meeting will be requested prior to the booking of the SmartGuide service date at no extra cost.
  • In all cases, the completion of an installation plan and an electrical plan will be required in order to conduct a pre-install planning meeting.
  • The SmartGuide service is a consulting service only. It does not include any physical installation from the service agent.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to report any changes or modifications of the measurements of the area previously agreed upon. This includes any changes of the surface types or to the selection/coverage of space for the heating. Failure to report may cause issues and/or delays with the installation and additional fees to reschedule the support service.
  • WarmlyYours is only responsible for the supervision of the installation of products to the extent of what is detailed in the step-by-step checklist supplied by WarmlyYours for the product-type being installed. For all details refer to the WarmlyYours step-by-step checklists.
  • The time and date of the support service will be confirmed at the time of the pre-install planning meeting. You may reschedule/cancel up to 24 hours prior to the date and time of the set service with a full refund. Failure to cancel within the timeframe will result in a forfeiture of the refund for the service. To cancel an appointment, please email
  • The customer, or a representative of the customer, must be present at the time of completion of the service. This person will be responsible to sign off on the service completed, whether onsite or verbally during the remote service.
  • All parties responsible for the installation and listed under the pre-install planning meeting checklist will need to be present at the time of completion of the service. Failure to attend may cause issues and/or delays with the installation and additional service fees and possible rebooking of the support service.

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