SmartInstall Installation Service for Electric Snow Melting

Heated outdoor surfaces, like a driveway or walkway, are growing in popularity because they make life easier (and safer) for you and your loved ones. But we know that the installation of a radiant heating system can seem daunting. That's why've condensed over 20 years of experience into our SmartInstall installation service. With SmartInstall, it's never been easier to enjoy the benefits of snow melting.

Installation Service for Snow Melting

Our SmartInstall service takes all of the guesswork out of snow melting installation. Our certified WarmlyYours Radiant Experts will install the radiant heating system and supervise the rest of the project with the actual surface installer (whether that's a professional paver or just a handy DIY-er). From asphalt to concrete to mortar under pavers, our Radiant Experts have seen it all and will be there to make sure the rest of the installation goes smoothly.

Using the SmartInstall service will not only ensure an efficient installation but also a well functioning heating system for many years to come. In fact, successful completion of our SmartInstall service will qualify your project for a lifetime warranty * (in addition to our complimentary 24/7 technical support).

The service fee for SmartInstall covers up to 100 miles of travel (round trip) from the Chicago-area for our Radiant Experts. If you're not in the service area, we can still provide remote or onsite assistance for your project. Please note that there is an additional, milage-based fee for projects located outside of that range.

In addition to our snow melting products, the SmartInstall service can be applied to our roof & gutter deicing and pipe freeze protection systems—just make sure to note the product type of your choice when you request the installation service.

*Roof and Gutter Deicing Cables, and Pipe Freeze Protection Cables are not covered by the SmartInstall Lifetime Warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SmartInstall include control installation?

No, the control will need to be installed by a licensed electrician.

Does SmartInstall include the measurement of my project for the radiant heating system?

No, these measurements should be gathered in advance of a SmartInstall appointment. However, WarmlyYours does provide a service for measuring for radiant heating projects called SmartFit that can be used prior to SmartInstall.

What types of surfaces are compatible with SmartInstall?

Essentially all commonly used surface types are compatible with WarmlyYours radiant heating systems. For snow melting, this is most commonly asphalt, cement/concrete, or pavers.

Please note that it’s very important to communicate any changes to the flooring or surface type to your WarmlyYours account manager. Failure to do so may cause issues and/or delays with the installation and additional fees.

Where is SmartInstall available?

The service fee for SmartInstall covers 100 miles of travel (round trip) from the the Chicago-area. Projects located outside of that range will incur a separate, milage-based fee.

What is included in the SmartInstall lifetime warranty?

The heating elements (along with installation and qualifying repairs) are covered by the lifetime warranty. Controls are not included.

Please note that WarmlyYours staff must perform all repairs and/or troubleshooting—the warranty will be voided if any third party attempts any repair to the system. This warranty will not cover any remedial work which may be required due to issues with third party workmanship—any repairs and/or remedial work required to be performed by WarmlyYours will be invoiced at the suggested quotation rates and will not be viewed as a warranty claim.

Is the lifetime warranty transferable when the property is sold?

Yes, but the new homeowner will need to update his/her information with WarmlyYours.

How does pricing work for the SmartInstall service?

There is an initial service fee that will cover a day's worth of labor (up to 6 hours) and travel of up to 100 miles (round trip) for the WarmlyYours Radiant Expert. There will also be a separate square footage fee that will depend on the size of your project.

If more time or travel distance is required for your project than is allotted for with the service fee, there will be separate additional fees. Your WarmlyYours account manager can provide more specific pricing information.

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SmartInstall Terms & Conditions

  • The SmartInstall service fee will cover 100 miles of travel (round trip) from the Chicago-area. If your project is located outside of this range, there will be a separate milage fee of $15 per additional mile.
  • A pre-install planning meeting will be requested prior to the booking of the installation date.
  • In all cases, the completion of a complimentary WarmlyYours SmartPlan (includes an installation plan and an electrical plan) will be required in order to conduct a pre-install planning meeting.
  • The SmartInstall service only applies to the following products: TempZone Flex Rolls, TempZone Easy Mats, TempZone Floor Heating Cables, Environ Flex Rolls, Environ Mats; CeraZorb, Cork, Prodeso Membrane, Snow Melting Mats, Snow Melting Cables, Roof and Gutter Deicing Cables, and Pipe Freeze Protection Cables.
  • WarmlyYours is not responsible for clearing up the area prior to installation. The surface to heat must be free from any sharp objects and clean prior to installation. Failure to comply may result in rescheduling of the installation, which will result in additional fees.
  • WarmlyYours is not responsible for moving any furniture, heavy equipment or materials that could be obstructing the installation service. Failure to comply may result in rescheduling of the installation and additional fees.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to report any changes or modifications of the measurements of the area previously agreed upon along with any changes to the surface types or selection/coverage of the area to be heated. Failure to report may cause issues and/or delays with the installation and additional fees.
  • WarmlyYours is only responsible for the installation of products to the extent of what is detailed in the step-by-step installation overview that corresponds to the product being installed. For all details, refer to step-by-step installation overview documents.
  • The time and date of the installation service will be confirmed during the pre-install planning meeting. You may reschedule/cancel up to 24 hours prior to the date and time of the SmartInstall appointment with a full refund. Failure to cancel within the timeframe will result in no refund for the service. To cancel an appointment, please email
  • The customer, or a representative of the customer, must be present at the time of completion of the service. This person will be responsible for signing off on the completed service.
  • All parties responsible for the installation and listed under the pre-install planning meeting checklist will need to be present at the time of completion of the service. Failure to attend may cause issues and/or delays with the installation and additional service fees and possible rebooking of the installation.

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