How to Terminate a Self-Regulating Cable for Roof & Gutter or Pipe Freeze Protection Systems


Video Transcript

All right, now we're coming to the point where we're going to make our end termination, we see we've got some extra wire here. So what we're going to do is we're going to mark the location where our final cut is going to be. You have to remember that we're not just letting it dangle here at the bottom. We're also going to double it back and stick it up a little bit. So our probably our final cut is going to be right around in here. OK, now we're going to strip the outer jacket back four inches. Cut off excess heating cable, leaving one inch. Cut a slit about 3/4 of an inch.

And then slightly spread them apart. And slide a 2 inch length tube over the heater cable. While it's still warm. Squeezing it like this at the end is going to make this end waterproof. Now we're going to cut off the excess. Now we get the ground braid to cover the spot we did. Now we take the 3 inch. Tube, the 3 inch tube goes over. The end like this. So I want to do is we want to make sure that we get the heat shrink tube up enough onto the cable to make it waterproof, and then that will leave us enough to crimp the end closed here. So it looks like we've got a good coverage there. We take our plyers. We close this end off to make it waterproof. We take a look right here, you can see that this is not just any tubing, heat shrink tubing, it's actually adhesive lined. And you can tell when you have a good seal, you can see the black glue coming out of the tube onto the cable that tells you You have a nice seal that's going to be weatherproof. You know that. We've got a good seal, completely sealed. We then take the wire. And we run it up, facing up into the tube. All right, if you'd like to know any more information about roof and gutter deicing, make sure you check us out online a.

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