How to Change Sensor Settings on nSpire Touch Floor Heating Thermostats

In this video, we show you how to switch modes on our nSpire Touch floor heating thermostat series. We go through how to change the Sensor Application and the Floor Protection settings based on the type of flooring you have installed.

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Changing the Sensor Application:

To start, select the 3 lines in the top right to access the Menu. Next, select "Installer Settings" and then "Sensor Application". You should see a screen that asks you to choose which sensor is used to control the heating system. Press the open circle next to the option you would like to select, make sure the circle you select changes from white to red to select it. Once you've made your selection, push the checkmark button to save your settings.

Floor: installed floor sensor controls the heating system

Room/Floor Protection: Built-in ambient air temperature sensor controls the heating system while the floor sensor limits heating according to the temperature limits set under Floor Protection

Room: Built-in ambient air temperature sensor controls the heating system. Note: Floor protection is not active while using this setting.

Changing the Floor Protection:

Select the Menu, then "Installer Settings" and then "Floor Protection" finally. Select the type of flooring you've installed to set the maximum system temperature. Tile offers the highest limit at 104℉. Laminate limits the system to 82 ℉ - this setting should also be used for any flooring that has similar limitations, such as engineered wood floors, luxury vinyl tile, etc. You can also disable this setting if using "Room" sensor application in the step above. And finally, you can customize the minimum and maximum temperature based on the information from your flooring manufacturer.

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