nSpire Touch Programmable Thermostat


  • Program up to 6 setting changes for each day of the week

  • It’s never been easier to set up a radiant heating system according to your preferences and schedule

  • With an included floor sensor, your system can cycle on and off and continuously adjust to save energy

  • Available with in plain white or black or with Swarovski crystals

  • With its crystal-clear 3.5” full color touchscreen display, the nSpire Touch is as easy to operate as it is to look at


Finally, a radiant heating thermostat that looks as good as floor heating feels. The programmable nSpire Touch features a 3.5” full color touchscreen and a modern design that instantly augments any room’s style. With an integrated Install Wizard, it’s never been easier to set up a radiant heating system according to your preferences and schedule. 

The nSpire Touch allows you maximum control over the floor temperature with 6 programmable events for each day of the week, which is great for “Goldilocks households” where there will be frequent adjustments to the temperature or thermostat’s schedule until it’s “just right.”

This dual voltage (120V/240V) thermostat puts the control where it belongs, at your fingertips. 

This unit is available with a black or a white faceplate and with or without Swarovski crystals.

Includes floor sensor.

Customer Questions & Answers

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How do I work with my electrician to install WarmlyYours electric floor heating?

While WarmlyYours electric radiant floor heating systems are typically installed by your floor covering contractor, a licensed electrician is recommended for the final thermostat hook-up. With every quote, we provide an Installation Plan layout, together with an electrical plan that has all the info required for the electrician.

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How can I determine what I need for my floor heating project and how can I find out what my floor heating system will cost?

You can use the Instant Quote Tool, which gives you many options for your floor heating coverage. Use this interactive tool to design your room online and receive an instant quotation with product recommendations, rough-in and installation kits, cost of your control, etc. Planning your floor heating project is made easy when using our Instant Quote Tool.

Send us your floor plan or fax it to (800) 408-1100 and we will send you a quote, product recommendation and a free custom installation plan for your project.

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How do I know if I am installing my electric floor heating system properly?

Please keep in mind that you must check your electric floor heating system with a digital ohmmeter in conjunction with a Circuit Check™. Take an initial reading as soon as you take the product out of the box to verify that it is within -5% / +10% of the values stated on the product’s label. This will give you a basis of comparison for future readings. Take a second reading once you have positioned the system to match your custom installation plan. It is also advisable to take an additional reading in the middle of the tile installation, just to make sure that the Circuit Check™ is doing its job. Then, take a final reading when you are finished with the floor installation and are ready to hook up the thermostat.

The Circuit Check™ is a tool developed by WarmlyYours to give you peace of mind and ensure trouble-free installations. Simply hook up the cold leads to the tool while you position the system to match your custom installation plan.

The Circuit Check™ will continuously monitor the continuity of the circuit during the installation of your system and during the installation of your flooring. The Circuit Check™ beeps immediately when a short in the system is detected, alerting you to a potentially damaged cable in the area you are working, before you lay the tile over the electric floor heating system.
 The WarmlyYours technical support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance if the alarm sounds, or if you would have any questions during your installation.

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Can I use electric floor heating as a primary heat source?

Yes, in most cases, an electric floor heating system can be effective as a primary heat source. However, our TempZone™ and Environ™ systems are most commonly used as a secondary heat source, providing floor-to-ceiling radiant heat to any room in your home where you desire more warmth and comfort.

If you are considering electric floor heating for an addition to your home, such as a sunroom where you have no other source of heat, WarmlyYours offers an innovative online tool which calculates approximate heat loss. This tool can help you to determine if a WarmlyYours’ electric radiant floor heating system will provide your desired comfort temperature throughout the year. You can access the Heat Loss Calculator or you can call us at (800) 875-5285 and a Customer Service Representative will make the calculation for you.

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How can I make my basement warmer?

A floor heating system can work as a supplemental heating source and make the basement warmer. If more heat needs to be added to the room, you can experiment with setting the floor heating thermostat to higher temperatures.

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Customer Reviews

nSpire Touch Programmable Thermostat achieved an average rating of 4.9 stars with 452 reviews by our customers.

Other than finding the right breaker to turn off,

Edward C., Las Vegas, NV on 01/10/2024

Other than finding the right breaker to turn off, installation was easy.

Great service support

Neil W., Red Hill, PA on 01/09/2024

I ordered a replacement thermostat and it arrived damaged. I called sales staff back and they sent me a new one next day! I installed the new one in 30 minutes and it works great. Outstanding knowledgeable staff and great service.

Excellent customer service

Rick C., Raleigh, NC on 01/01/2024

Everyone I dealt with at WarmlyYours had excellent customer service skills.

Works great

Dennis Y., Mchenry, IL on 12/30/2023

Works great

Another successful installation!

Jeff W., Downingtown, PA on 12/21/2023

Once again we have made another customer happy with and grateful for a WarmlyYours heated floor!

I'm glad I went with WarmlyYours over Home Depot

Joshua C., Portland, ME on 12/11/2023

I purchased a radiant floor heating system from your company in November. I wanted to reach out to let you know how impressed I was with Pedro Banuelos. My wife and I are real estate investors and this is our 3rd home. It's a duplex that we've been renovating for 18 months so we've dealt with a lot of vendors. I've also served on two HOA boards so have had my fair share of interactions with vendors from those experiences as well. Pedro's customer service stood out from every company we've dealt with. From the moment I engaged with him he was professional, listened, and was extremely knowledgeable about the product line. I was also impressed by his demeanor. He was by no means pushy and truly came across as wanting to be helpful. I definitely appreciate that being in software sales myself, it's not an easy line to walk and he did a great job. At any rate, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how impressed I was and I'm glad I went with WY over Home Depot; and truthfully it was all b/c of Pedro! Thanks and happy holidays!

quality ,performance and advise are excellent

C/o S., St. Albert, AB on 12/10/2023

installed by a handy client with no issues and after 2 months of use the product is proving to be efficient and effective.

Very Professional

Douglas P., Bellvue, CO on 12/03/2023

Couldn’t tell it was refurbished! Works great was easy to install watched your video on line. Was delivered fast installed it a couple weeks after I got it.

Mary is the best

Steve J., San Diego, CA on 12/02/2023

I’ve been working with Mary for a number of years. She’s been nothing but helpful patient and caring. As for the product I’ve never had a problem installed many thousands of square feet and will continue using it in the future.

Our bathroom is now WARM!

Peter H., Lake Zurich, IL on 11/25/2023

We took the bathroom down to the studs and subfloor and installed WarmlyYours floor coils plus two ceiling panels, plus fresh paint and floor quartz slabs. We are now sandwiched between two layers of warmth, which we really appreciate now that winter is here.

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