TempZone™ Flex Roll Installation Guide Part 3 - Ensuring A Good Installation

As you're installing your radiant floor heating, you'll want to make sure you are completing each step correctly to avoid costly mistakes and prevent damage to the cable and mat system. Whether you're installing your TempZone™ heated floors in the standard or free form process, you'll need it to be cut precisely and placed in the right way. In video #3 in our Flex Roll Installation Guide series, our expert will show you how to guarantee a good flooring installation. To ensure your heating remains unharmed throughout the installation process, you may want to use a safety system with sounds and alarms that can be activated before wires are attached. If at any time you have issues during your TempZone™ radiant heated floor installation, contact WarmlyYours for additional heated floor assistance, or read the manual for help.


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