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Electromagnetic Field FAQ

Often our customers come to us with questions regarding EMF and the levels that our TempZone™ Floor Heating product emits, in the section below we hope to answer those questions. If you are unable to find an answer to your question here please visit our forum or let us help you, either by using our live Chat or Ask A Question services.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are part of our everyday life and are present in such things such as power lines, home wiring, televisions, computer screens, microwave ovens, cell phones, and other common electrical devices. These invisible lines of force are generated by the presence of electric charges and surround any electrical wire or device. They consist of two related components - the electric field, which is the result of voltage, and the magnetic field, which is the result of current flow. Typically, an electromagnetic field is considered to be that space limited to a local area around an object. The strength of the field decreases rapidly with distance from the source.
Electromagnetic fields are measured in Gauss (G) which is the standard unit of measurement for electromagnetic flux – the strength of an electromagnetic field. Often times, the EMF emitted from an object is much less than a Gauss. This lesser unit of measure is referred to as a Milligauss (mG) which is the equivalent of 1/1000th of a Gauss.
While some debate still exists over the heath hazards associated with residential exposure, the prevailing opinion of the scientific community, to include the National Research Council and the National Institute of Health, is that there is no strong evidence that exposure to EMF poses any significant health risk.

The EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) tests all electrical devices and publishes the data. Many common household appliances are tested at a distance of 6 inches. The test results indicate that on average, the EMF emitted for the following appliances is:

Vacuum Cleaners 300mG
Microwave Ovens 200mG
Portable Heater 100mG
Dishwashers 20mG
Washing Machine 20mG
Electric Dryer 3mG
WarmlyYours TempZone™ 1.8mG

Testing data recorded for the WarmlyYours floor heating single-conductor cable indicates that at a distance of 1inch, the cable's EMF reading registered at 1.8mG or 0.0018G. This is to say that at a distance of 1inch from the heating cable, the EMF is 460 times lower than the accepted safe exposure level for the United States.

Our floor heating cable is designed to be encased in a layer of thinset cement with tile installed directly over the thinset, so you will almost always be at least 1inch away from our heating system. The EMF value from a distance greater than 1inch is negligible.