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Add Style, Value With A Kitchen Renovation

White Kitchen with Dark Hardwood
A warm floor can make any kitchen more comfortable

Nearly 70 percent of builders say kitchen renovation projects are one of the most common jobs requested by homeowners, according to the National Home Builders Association (NHBA). Updating a kitchen can also be an expensive endeavor. NHBA reports that the average kitchen remodel project can range in price from $18,000 to implement minor changes to more than $50,000 for a major renovation.

While the amount you spend depends on what type of work you do, experts say changes are likely to pay off. In fact, the NHBA reports homeowners can expect to recoup about 70 percent of the cost of their project when they sell their home. 

There are many ways to keep your new kitchen on budget, regardless of how much or little you want to spend. Experts say it all begins with planning.

"[Designers] are able to foresee any roadblocks and prevent any 'surprises' in the remodeling process," kitchen designer Bridget Owens explained to The Midland Daily News. "The design professional you choose should be someone you can trust, and be able to assess your needs and wants to create a design that meets and exceeds these requirements."

Designers say making changes after work has started is likely to drive costs up. Additionally, those who want to save money can consider refinishing their existing cabinets and keeping their appliances. Keeping the footprint of the room the same is another common money-saving idea, and moving plumbing and gas lines can quickly inflate the price.

Individuals considering a new kitchen should know that some projects are becoming more common.

Solid surface countertops
Granite and quartz countertops remain the most popular materials for counters. Other solid surfaces, like Corian and even concrete are also common.

Designer flooring
Flooring experts say homeowners should choose the type of floor that compliments their space best and is the most practical for their family, as the price between tile and hardwood is similar.

However, those looking to add a bit of comfort to their new kitchen should consider adding infloor heating during their renovation. These systems are easily installed by a professional and provide superior warmth and energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency
Many homeowners are updating their kitchens to be more functional and beautiful, as well as more efficient. There are many ways to make your kitchen greener, such as purchasing more efficient appliances, using sustainable materials and installing a radiant heat floor system.

Remember, some of the most common kitchen projects can make an impact without costing a lot of money. They include updating cabinet hardware, adding crown molding, new countertops and changing light fixtures.

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