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Bachelor Pad Winter Essentials

Bachelor pad winter essentials

Are you a gentleman living his life solo, whether in the city, country or suburbs? Even without a companion (other than your pet) to help you play house, there are certain decor responsibilities you've got to keep pace with, especially when it comes to prepping your home for the late autumn and winter.

No one would blame you for seeking out a little help and guidance though. So why not consider this checklist of bachelor pad must haves for the coming seasons?

A great HDTV and astounding sound system
It's winter, and you're sure to be spending much more time inside. Of course, there's nothing quite so satisfying on a cold winter's night than settling in front of the TV with a good movie or a few episodes of your new favorite show. Make sure you've got a television that's up to the task by investing in an HDTV. The LED-backlit models are particularly great with refresh rates, making them perfect for football season - and energy-efficient to boot!

Speaking of football, you're going to want a throw or two for your couch. No pigskins involved here, these throws are made of 100-percent wool or cotton and function both as blanket and decor. Draped over your sofa, one or two stylish throws in beautiful colors or patterns are sure to keep you warm as you root on your team or enjoy a Christmas film favorite.

Radiant heat
But throws alone aren't going to be enough to keep you warm all winter long. For this reason, whether you live in an apartment, condo or house, you may want to consider investing in radiant floor heating. This energy-efficient heating method uses systems that fit comfortably below your flooring and gives off convection currents of heat that warm your room from the ground up. It's a green and cozy option that's sure to save you plenty on your utilities bill over the coming months!

A comfort food cookbook
Another cozy option? Cooking! Come Thanksgiving, what more welcome scent could there be than dinner being prepared in the kitchen. Even if you just embark on a solo culinary adventure making your own home-baked mac and cheese one night or decide to try out some stylish pizza recipes, having a trust cookbook filled with comfort food options is a must!

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