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Customer Service – Done Outrageously Well!

Radiant floor Heating in action, WarmlyYours Great Customer ServiceDo you ever dread calling Customer Service for help? If you said, "Yes," I'd venture a guess that you are not alone! It can be a real crap shoot. Sometimes you get that perfect, helpful person, but other times, the customer service you receive makes you question whether you will ever buy another product from that company. That's why it's almost like winning the lottery when you do actually have a successful customer service experience.

At WarmlyYours, we track the response rate for incoming calls and we are continuously trying to improve even the quickest response times. Our staff is well trained on the products and services we offer. Recently, we received feedback from one of our customers. She was eager to tell us how happy she was with the response she received from our support team. Here is her story as told by the WarmlyYours employee who helped her.

Susan was in the process of renovating her bathroom. As she was going through InStyle Home Magazine, she came across an article that featured the WarmlyYours Riviera Towel Warmer. She went online to www.WarmlyYours.com to look for it and she was delighted when she learned that she could get such a high quality product at a very affordable price! She contacted us and purchased it.

After paying 2 electricians to install the towel warmer control without success, Susan contacted our support team in tears. She begged us to find a solution for mounting the control so that it would be flush with the wall. Susan submitted photographs to us and we immediately understood the problem. I live near Susan and personally visited Susan's home to help her fix the problem. Within 30 minutes, the towel warmer control was installed exactly the way Susan wanted it. She said, "I am finally going to have a good night of sleep! Thank you so much for taking the time at the end of your work day to come and help me out - I will recommend you to all my neighbors!"

The moral of this story - do not hesitate to contact WarmlyYours sales, customer service, or technical support teams: we are dedicated to finding solutions and making sure you have an outrageously good customer experience.

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