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Environ II™ - a reason to replace floors in all your rooms!

Environ on Cork under Laminate Floor - Bruce Williams Installation

In our previous blog post, “Easy Heated Floors – Even in a Gazebo!”, we discussed a unique way of effectively using radiant heat with our Environ II™ system in a gazebo fit for year-round outdoor entertaining - a perfect example of how the Environ II™ can be used in a creative way. But did you know that this product is also perfect for keeping your rooms with carpet and laminate/engineered flooring warm? All you have to do is install the Environ II™ between the padding and new carpet or between the moisture barrier and the laminate/engineered flooring.

If you’re a flooring pro or even a savvy homeowner who prefers to put the time into learning how to do your own home improvements, you’ve probably learned a very important lesson: home improvement projects almost always take longer and are usually more involved as the “easy to install” instructions lead you believe.

But here’s the good news, we said “almost always.”

The Environ II™ really is easy to install. Why? Because when you call us to discuss your project, we’ll ask you for the dimensions of the area you want to heat and we’ll custom-design the perfect size product to match your dimensions and provide you with our Smart Plans for an easy installation.

Okay, we know that almost every home improvement product company says their product is “easy,” but we have proof for you! In the video below, Brian Kelsey teaches us how to install a new laminate floor over our Environ II™ radiant heating system and only 23 seconds of this 4-minute video is dedicated to installation of the Environ II system. Check it out for yourself – Brain’s style is creative, fun, and fast paced, (also, check out his son getting into the mix):

So, do you agree with us that it’s EASY?!

And, hey, in the event that you have any questions during the installation, our technical support engineers are available to you, 24/7.

Once you put the Environ II™ in one room, you just may start looking for reasons to replace floors in all of your rooms to have the luxurious, subtle heat under your feet.

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