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Halloween Party Hosting Essentials

Halloween party hosting essentials

Trick-or-treating may be for the kids, but Halloween parties are multi-generational - and sometimes parents-only - affairs. If you're thinking of throwing a big to-do this October 31 or on the weekends surrounding it, you'll need an excellent checklist to help you keep track of what you need. With a little quick remodeling and a few decor touches, you're sure to find the perfect look for your home this Halloween.

Amp up your cozy factor
First thing's first, you need to be certain your home is up to the task. While decor is cosmetic, you want to be certain your guests are cozy and comfortable all night long. As the weather gets cooler, you'll need plenty of control over your home's heating options. Rather than use forced hot air, which can cause an allergen-rich dust storm when coming from old vents, why not make the switch to radiant heat flooring? Energy-efficient, green and able to fit under most flooring types, radiant heat is an excellent option for any home. Not only will you and your guests be toasty on a chilly Halloween night, you'll stay that way through the winter - all while saving tons on your utilities bill!

Find your Halloween decor style
Everyone's got their own Halloween style. ApartmentTherapy.com lists a few varieties of trending Halloween looks for the home and yard - warm industrial, simple modern and urban rustic being among the highlights. Like your Halloween filled with lots of grey tombstones that mimic the hue and texture of granite? warm industrial is for you. If you're into minimalist Halloween decor - think subtle oranges and touches of black - you'll want the simple modern style. Like the idea of natural elements in your decor? Spooky trees, jack-o'-lanterns, lots of acorn squash and colorful gourds? Then urban rustic may be for you.

Pick your treats
What's Halloween without some delicious snacks? Why not skip the candy when it comes to your party (everyone is SURE to have enough leftovers as it is) and instead focus on some delectable homemade sweets? Remember to use plenty of pumpkin!

Find a costume
Go elaborate, simple, silly or even sexy - whatever you choose, have fun. Let your inner kid out and have a blast!

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