Christian Billen with CypressAt WarmlyYours we know that your household is often more than just the people in it. Get to know us by getting to know our pets.

Meet Christian Billen, director of IT for WarmlyYours, and Cypress, a red-crowned Amazon parrot.

How did you meet? How long have you known each other?

She’s a rescue bird. It’s hard to know the age of a rescue exactly, but we think she’s around 20 years old.

We met about 8 years ago. At the time, I had another bird, Kiwi, who I proposed to my wife in front of. I knew about this great refuge because of Kiwi and I thought, “We have such a nice home. I want to share that with another rescue bird.”

I thought that Cypress would be a good addition to our home.One thing that’s kind of unique about her is that she gets along with men but not women. She’s a bit of a flirt.

Do you have any "pet peeves" when it comes to each other?

Christian: One annoying thing about parrots is that they have to poop every 20 minutes. So that’s something you don’t see in the pirate movies. If you have a parrot on your shoulder, you have to be willing to get pooped on.Cypress perching.

Cypress: Birds tend to bond with only one person. So if I ignore her for a little while, she screams…a lot.

Favorite room of the house and why?

Christian: My favorite room is the bedroom. It’s my den.

Cypress: On Christian’s shoulder wherever he goes. Or the living room. She loves to watch people come and go.

Favorite memory together?

Whenever we get to do something together. Sometimes I’ll code or write a program with her on my shoulder. Or when I’m in the kitchen cooking, she’ll want to “help.” I just have to keep her from making too big of a mess.

Interesting info:

- Her favorite treat is almonds. She is very messy because she only has a beak. She doesn’t have lips to control crumbs.

- Parrots are good mimics. Cypress can sing the cavalry charge.

- She’s not very agile. She doesn’t play on her AcroBird set. She perches.

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Cypress laughing.