Snow Melting Installation Step 1A local landscape contractor purchased snow melting mats and controls from WarmlyYours for a patio project. The patio was designed with pavers, and the snow melting mats would be installed in mortar under the pavers. I attended the installation downtown in Toronto, ON Canada. Snow melting is a new product for our company, so I wanted to observe the installation and provide feedback to our product development team. I was very pleasantly surprised at what I saw…

The snow melting installation was very easy and went quickly enough that it did not delay the installation of the pavers. Thanks to the customized installation plan provided by WarmlyYours, it only took the contractors a few minutes to lay out the rolls on the ground, over top of the rebar. The mesh mats were easy to unroll and very practical to use. The installers ended up with an extra foot of mat, but they were able to free the wire from the mat and shape the extra wire to fit in a corner. The mat was flexible enough so that cutting it and performing the “free form” technique was not a problem.

Installing the sensor was probably the most challenging part of the installation. We had to ensure that it remained exposed and that we placed it in an area where it could detect moisture and snow.

Applying the mortar on top of the snow melting mats went very smoothly. Lastly, the pavers were laid directly on top of the mortar with no waiting time.

Elodie Pasek
Branch Manager, CAN

Snow Melting Installation Step 2
Snow Melting Installation Step 3

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