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Space Saving Tips To Give You Room To Breathe In Your Kitchen

During your spring cleaning regimen, you may find yourself rearranging your furnishings to give your living spaces a fresh aesthetic. This time of year is ideal for reducing clutter in many of the most frequently-used rooms in your home, and one place that deserves your undivided attention is your kitchen. Enhancing the traffic flow and incorporating a fresh aesthetic can revitalize your cooking space for the new season, and it's a lot easier than you may think. Here are a few small improvements to keep in mind when you're reorganizing your kitchen.

1. Open storage. One of the best methods to make your kitchen feel much larger is to incorporate open storage. If you have a set of fine china that you'd like to display, this can be a wonderful way to make it a focal point of your space. Better Homes and Gardens suggests using dishes and other decorative accents that match the room's color scheme to create a streamlined look. The look of the shelving should also pair well with your kitchen island, appliances and other features in the room.

2. Add a large mirror. Adding a mirror to a room is one of the oldest interior design tricks in the book, but none are as effective as a LAVA® Panel from WarmlyYours. One of these infrared heating panels can make a room feel far more expansive, and they will give your space the benefits of radiant heat. This can help you achieve the optimal temperature in your kitchen during any time of year without a major spike in your monthly energy bills.

3. Create stations. Compartmentalizing a few of your kitchen's most popular devices like a coffee machine can help you de-clutter the space and get out the door early in the morning. For instance, consider putting your coffee machine, mugs, grinder, beans and filters all in one place on your countertop, so brewing a fresh pot is a one-step task each morning. You can also find attractive baskets and other storage options that can neatly organize your supplies into one place.

Your kitchen will see plenty of use over the spring and summer, so why not give it a space-saving makeover in time for the new season? These improvements can go a long way toward enhancing the room's traffic flow and creating a more welcoming environment.

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