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The Guide to Finding a Reputable Contractor

A comprehensive guide to finding the right contractor

We all know that home improvement projects are not always easy to tackle, but that isn’t something to feel discouraged about. As long as you have quality products and a reputable remodeling contractor, the project will flow more smoothly. Yet, it can be difficult to find the perfect contractor, which is why WarmlyYours is here to help.

Not only do we provide quality products backed by unbeatable warranties to help perfect your home improvement project, but we’ve come up with a guide for finding the best possible remodeling contractor who will help you achieve your goals.

Check for positive reviews and references: There are many great websites such as merchantcircle.com and houzz.com for you to browse in order to find reviewed remodeling contractors. These sites make finding a reputable contractor almost too easy. Don’t forget to ask the contractor for references. If he is reputable, then he should have no problem providing names of references and their contact information.

Also, a contractor with five star reviews will rarely be the least expensive. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be searching for remodeling contractors that charge very little because they are known to cut corners, that can result in future problems in your home. After checking outside reviews, it is important to acquire at least three estimates in order to gauge the going rate for your home improvement project.

Review their paperwork: Once you have finished researching reviews on potential contractors, it is now time to check his credibility and licensure. This includes up-to-date insurance and workers compensation policies. Before starting the project, the contractor should acquire the necessary permits and once he finishes he should also be able to provide you with a lien waiver. This waiver proves that you have paid in full and waives any lien on your property.

Have a written contract. Make sure that you sign a contract that is detailed about budgets and materials but without many open-ended questions. Contractors can easily steer you away from your ideal budget by having you sign a very broad and general contract. A well-written contract should specify what would be done to complete the job, associated costs, and the payment schedule. Once you begin work on the project, you should try to stick to the original terms of the contract in order to keep the costs under control and the schedule on target.

Payment method. Rather than paying the individual contractor, you should write a check to the contracting company. A reputable contractor should not argue with this payment method or pressure you to sign any documents if the project was not finished properly. When paying, it is reasonable to make a down payment that is 30 percent of the total project cost upon initial delivery of materials. Final payments should be made when all of the work is completed to your satisfaction.

With this guide your project should go more smoothly and you’ll soon be enjoying your newly remodeled space. Best of luck to you!

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