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Trendy Ways To Update Your Maturing Teenage Son's Bedroom

Trendy ways to update your maturing teenage son

As your son enters his teen years, his room may not have the kind of mature and refined style that he's looking for, so a change will certainly be in order. This can be a thoroughly enjoyable design project to share with your child. It's vital that you listen to his tastes and inclinations to find the right mixture of design elements that can work within the constraints of his space. His bedroom will be a place for him to gather with friends, get homework done and sleep for half of the day on weekends, so it will need a few of the following features.

1. A work space. The computer is at the core of every teen's educational experience nowadays, so it's vital that he has a proper workstation to get homework and other projects out of the way. Instead of going with a bulky desk with a bunch of drawers, consider building upward with vertical storage. Floating wall shelves and built-in shelving that attach to the back of the desk are great ways to keep everything organized and ready when he needs it. Along with a floor mat to prevent scuffs and scratches from his chair, you can install a WarmlyYours Under Desk Heater. This source of radiant heat will keep him warm during every season and help ease the stress of a long school day.

2. Extra seating. Your child's room will be a communal space to hang out with friends, so consider adding a couch or loveseat. A small sectional could be a great choice to save space, and you can place it snugly against a wall where it won't inhibit traffic flow. This will improve the room's social capabilities, and it can serve as a place to catch up on reading, or at the very least, a place to put his laundry.

3. A mural. HGTV suggests bringing in a projector to display an image on the wall that your son can then trace onto the surface. This will allow him to paint the image in a variety of bright hues to give the space a one-of-a-kind touch. Start by picking a theme to work with, and then you'll have plenty of freedom to incorporate a large-scale image into your son's room.

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