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Want Headache-Free Flooring Installs? Use Circuit Checks & Ohmmeters

Using a digital ohmmeter and Circuit Check enable a headache-free installation of electric radiant heat.

Aspirin was first synthesized by Felix Hoffmann, a chemist with the German company Bayer, in 1897. By 1950, aspirin had earned a Guinness World Record for being the most frequently sold painkiller. It's not surprising. There's a lot in life to give you aspirin-worthy headaches, but installing electric floor heating shouldn't be one of them — or at least that is what we passionately believe and work toward here at WarmlyYours Radiant Heating. A key step to reducing any headaches or forehead-slapping moments that require aspirin afterward is using a Circuit Check and ohmmeter during every electric flooring installation.

Using an ohmmeter

A digital ohmmeter should be used to test heating mats before, during and after installation.

It all starts with an ohmmeter. WarmlyYours requires that each heating mat or roll be tested before, during and after any installation with an ohmmeter.

Using and reading an ohmmeter with floor heating systems and troubleshooting GFI issues are described in this video. You should ideally take three readings with the ohmmeter:

1) Core to core ohms reading
Connect the probes to both core (inside) wires and record the reading off the ohmmeter. This is the reading between the two inner conductors of the lead wires.

2) Ground to ground ohms reading,
Connect the probes to both ground (outside) wires and record the reading off the ohmmeter. This is the reading between the two ground sheaths of the lead wires.

3) Ground to core ohms reading.
Connect the probes to both the core wire and the ground wire at the start of the lead. Take the reading, then repeat this reading at the end of the lead.

When taking the readings please ensure the following:

  • Your fingers are not touching any wires
  • The probes are firmly attached to the selected wires
  • There is no power in the circuit
  • The heating system is rolled out flat
  • The wires are not connected to the thermostat

The reading should be within +/- 15 percent of the readings given on the bottom left corner of the label on the floor-heating roll. If the reading is outside the 15 percent variance, contact a WarmlyYours representative at (800) 875-5285. After establishing your ohms reading, it's now time to start installing. Remember to test before, during and after the installation, recording the numbers each time.

Using a Circuit Check

A Circuit Check allows you to monitor the functionality of the floor-heating system.

The second key to a worry-free installation is using the Circuit Check provided by WarmlyYours, which gives you live monitoring of the functionality of the system you are installing. Wire it to the mat and it will act as an alarm if anything damages the mat's circuits. If the alarm sounds, check the area you were just working on or look at where everyone just stepped and correct the issue. Check out this video on how to connect the Circuit Check to your mat for installation or follow these instructions.

If the Circuit Check alerts you that someone has stepped on and broken or nicked a wire, just use WarmlyYours' repair kit, which includes all the accessories you need to make a repair right on the spot. Use the pre-cut heat shrink tubing, a crimp-on connector, and high-conductive grounding tape to create a reliable, moisture-proof connection, and continue your installation with confidence. Didn't know about this service from WarmlyYours? Read "9 Things You Might Not Know About WarmlyYours Radiant Heating" for eight more!

If you use an ohmmeter and Circuit Check in tandem while installing (and have a repair kit on hand to make a quick fix if needed), you won't do hours of detective work to find out where a problem exists. Instead, you can be assured that the happy end result will be a working system to keep your home warm and cozy for years to come. No aspirin needed.

If you have any questions during the testing or installation process, we're only a phone call away. Call (800) 875-5285 at any time to speak to a member of the WarmlyYours team.

What tips do you use to test your system? How do you utilize ohmmeters and Circuit Checks? Let us know on the WarmlyYours Facebook page, or tweet us at @WarmlyYours.



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