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Have A Color Plan In Mind Before Painting, But Stay Flexible

Homeowners should have a color scheme in mind before they ever take a paint brush in hand. But it shouldn't be a rigid plan. Keeping things flexible allows changes to be introduced along the way....

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White Is At The Heart Of Many Color Schemes In Home Design

While its greatest strength is that it works well with any hue, white has a variety of tones - bright, off-white or antique - that are more effective with some colors than others. According to Shari...

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Quick Style Changes Enliven A Bathroom Design In No Time

Changing cabinet hardware, adding open shelves and refinishing an old vanity are some easy ways to update a bathroom quickly and without the mess of a full-scale renovation. To begin, consider the...

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As Warm Weather Beckons, Get Home Ready For Summer Visitors

This is the time of year when warm weather is beckoning and invitations are going out to guests for summertime gatherings. But getting outdoor living spaces as well as the house in shape for visitors...

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Choosing The Best Possible Bathroom Floor

The flooring is a key element of a bathroom for obvious reasons. Given the utilitarian nature of the space, it has to be equipped to suffer a great deal of wear and tear, largely stemming from the...

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