WarmlyYours Electric Floor Heating Is Environmentally Friendly
WarmlyYours is involved with another worthwhile project and we wanted to tell everyone about it. We are working with FreeGreen.com, a company that offers free building plans featuring green design. They are collaborating with WarmlyYours and several other companies to build a house with greener standards. We are excited about donating product and the chance to better educate folks about the greener side of radiant heating. Radiant heating can be a more cost efficient heating system (please see our previous blog about “the greener side to radiant heating”) and this opportunity allows us to share the benefits of radiant heating with others.

At the top of our list of people to thank is Bob Glazer, who has used WarmlyYours electric floor heating in the past and liked it so much that he wanted to include us in this fantastic project. He is building a house using one of the FreeGreen’s building plans, the “Needham” house. Bob’s home merges the traditional and the green home while endeavoring to be more eco-friendly.

"We wanted to work with FreeGreen.com to help change the perception of building green and demonstrate that traditional and green don't need to be mutually exclusive. We are building a traditional New England home with a local builder, but we are eager to incorporate many green features to both reduce our energy consumption and ensure a healthy environment for our family," said homeowner, Bob Glazer. "Before we began this process, we conducted a lot of research, but there was no place where we could view active green projects. We are excited that our project will be FreeGreen's first residential home from which their users can actively follow and learn."
Because of this innovative project, homeowners can now see the process of building a new, green home and learn about it without having to figure it out the hard way (and wouldn’t we love to be able to learn something the easy way for a change?)
You can read Bob’s blog at: http://www.freegreen.com/green-home-build-story-needham-ma-house/.

WarmlyYours is donating electric floor heating for Bob’s mud room and master bathroom in the “Needham” House. Specification information about the floor heating products will be included in the plans for this house. So, if you are interested in building a house like the “Needham” house, without having to do all the research, you will be able to find out exactly what you will need just by downloading the plan.
If you would like more information about this project or our many radiant heating products, please contact Erin Mitmoen, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Tel: (847) 550-2453; e-mail: emitmoen@warmlyyours.com; website:www.WarmlyYours.com/press.

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