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This week's featured articles:

“Radiant Pro Selling: Features vs. Benefits - It Takes Both to Win!”

Too often in sales, representatives make the mistake of over stressing their products’ features, but they skimp on the benefits it provides to their customer. Your customers are most certainly interested in the features of your product, but I can assure you, they will most likely buy because it personally benefits them or their loved ones in some way. The question is, are you explaining both the features and the benefits of WarmlyYours products to your customers? Do you have a clear understanding of each. Read More

"A Face-Lift for Your Home"

Many people would love to improve their homes with major structural changes, but often they can’t afford such costly renovations. An easy solution can be to make cosmetic changes instead. Cosmetic modifications stretch far beyond slapping a new coat of paint on a wall. From pillows to posters, chairs to curtains, there are plenty of ways to put on a new look without breaking the bank, whether you're staying put or planning to sell your house. Read More

"Fed Puts Push for Housing"

MBen Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, sent an open letter and report to the chairs of the House and Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committees urging them to consider additional steps to support housing. The report argues that housing in the US continues to suffer from excess supply, high rates of foreclosure, limited access to mortgages and weak prices and that these conditions retard economic growth. Three general policy areas are focused on: limiting increases in new supplies of unsold homes, removing obstacles that prevent credit-worthy borrowers from getting mortgages and reducing the number of homeowners pushed into foreclosure. One major focus is the large number of REO houses — real estate owned by banks, other lenders, mortgage servicers or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Fed argues that the demand for rental housing is rising in many cities while the supply of rental homes is not increasing fast enough so rents are being pushed higher. The report proposes policies to move REO homes into the rental market — the policies vary depending on whether the houses are owned by banks, other lenders, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac so the issues aren’t simple or direct. Read More

"WarmlyYours Radiant New Year’s Resolutions"

New Year’s resolutions - you love ‘em and you hate ‘em. They are exciting, because a new year gives each of us hope that this year can be our best yet, but sometimes disappoints us, when we haven’t followed through with them to the end. On any given day in January, you can pass by the local fitness center and see the parking lot packed with cars – all those who resolved to get into shape. But the sad truth is, in a couple months time, the open parking spots will probably be plentiful and the gym, a little less crowded. However, for WarmlyYours Radiant, I’m thrilled to say that we were able to keep our resolutions from 2011, even adding a few along the way, and now we’re ready to take on 2012 with zeal! Read More


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