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"Share Your Story: Giving Troops Well-Deserved Comfort and Appreciation"

We run a center that works with wounded soldiers from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan., We recently installed WarmlyYours snow melting in the front entrance to our building; it's usually treacherous to walk on most of the winter. Indianapolis can be rainy and can get icy, though there is not usually much snowfall. Prior to installing your product, there were many times we had to get out and chip away at the ice on the entrance landing and stairs. Obviously ice on stairs is very dangerous, especially for our wounded troops, many with artificial legs, or on crutches. Read More

"Student Debt Is Stifling Home Sales"

Roshell Schenck has a Ph.D. in pharmacy and earns $125,000 a year. Yet, because she has more than $110,000 in student loan debt, counselors have told her she can’t qualify for a mortgage. “I’d love to buy and can afford to buy,” says the 28-year-old graduate of Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, Pa. With lenders scrutinizing college loans more closely than in previous years, it’s almost impossible for borrowers such as Schenck to get approved for mortgages. “My debt is crushing my chances of purchasing a home." Last year outstanding education debt passed credit-card debt for the first time, according to Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of, a student loan website. Totaling close to $1 trillion, America’s mounting pile of outstanding student debt is a growing drag on the housing recovery, keeping first-time home buyers on the sidelines and limiting the effectiveness of record-low interest rates. Read More

"Gas and Electric Bills Reduced with Radiant Electric Floor Heating"

I thought you would like to know that I just got our gas bill comparing last year's January 2011 bill to this year's January 2012 bill - and it did in fact go down! 163 therms (units of heat) versus 90! And our electric bill went down as well! Last year's January 2011 KWH usage was 1800 and this year's (2012) was 1170. It's definitely made me very happy. Amazingly, our electric bill is also lower than when we were using space heaters! (And I currently have my lay-flat-to-dry clothes lying on the living room floor, because it's too cold for them to dry anywhere else in the house!) Read More

"Private Residential Construction Spending Hits a Two-Year High"

The Census Bureau reported that private residential construction spending activity increased 1.8% during January. The preliminary estimate for December was boosted higher to show a 1.5% gain, versus the originally reported increase of 0.8%. After falling in July 2010 to its lowest reading since mid-1995, spending on private residential construction projects has increased in each of the last six months—rising to its highest dollar value since January 2010. Read More


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