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“WarmlyYours Share Your Story Winner: My Own in-House Spa”

My wife and I bought a 100-year-old “fixer upper” in a historic Washington D.C. neighborhood during the worst part of the housing crash in 2008. We had just relocated from San Francisco, CA to be closer to my family, and we were looking for a place where we could put in some “sweat equity” and restore the original charm to a 30+-year rental. The weak link in this four bedroom; two-bathroom house was the 100-year-old upstairs bathroom. After two years of living with plumbing leaks, clogs, and chipping paint from a radiator, we decided to “gut it” and start anew. We rescued and refinished an original claw foot tub and designed the bathroom with a classic look, with some added modern features. Read More

"How Profitable Is That Lead?"

Some rich ideas emerged in last week's d5R discussion on "the critical numbers," including using sliding scale profit margins based on project cost and risk, and mining historical data to forecast the total profit potential of any given lead. An excerpt from the comments: "We could go back through all of our projects from the last decade or so and sort them by project type, location, size/budget, lead source, satisfaction, pain-in-the-ass, were there change orders, referrals, etc. I am willing to bet that we would see some trends emerge that could be used to forecast with some accuracy the total profit potential of a lead." Read More

"Emser Tile contributes to ‘High Rise of the Year’"

Emser Tile, a designer and marketer of floor, wall, counter tile and natural stone continues its growth in the Multi-Family Housing (MFH) industry as the key supplier of the tile and stone materials used in the EnV Project, which won the 2011 “High-Rise of the Year” award from MultiFamily Executive. EnV is a 29-story, 249-unit luxury apartment tower located in the River North section of Chicago across from the Merchandise Mart. EnV was recognized for its trendy and energy-efficient design and is one of the first LEED-certified apartment buildings in Chicago. Read More

"The Healing Power of Radiant Heat"

What if I told you that having radiant heating will benefit your health and can even help heal wounds? Radiant heat is simply a form of energy that heats objects directly, without sending forced air through the ducts to heat the surrounding air. Radiant heat is also referred to as infrared energy. Research by Hee-Young Park, a MED research associate professor, Tania Phillips, a MED professor, and their colleagues at the Boston University School of Medicine, conducted in 2001, revealed that heat plays a positive role in healing chronic leg wounds. Their research still rings true today, showing the positive effects of radiant heat and establishing how temperature affects the cell cycle in a way that promotes new cells to be stimulated to regenerate in the dermal level of the skin (the layer just below the outer, epidermal layer) to close an open wound. Read More


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