summer projects like snow melting

Summer is the perfect time for making home improvements. With the weather being less of a risk factor during the summer months, it is easy to start and even finish home projects. Before starting your project, here are some home improvements that should be at the top of your list.

Cooling Your Home:

There are a variety of air conditioning systems to choose from! From standalone models, split air conditioners to centralized systems, it is great to keep in mind renewable cooling options, which save you money protect the environment. Another way to decrease the temperature in your home without turning on the air condition would be to shut the shades during the day and keeping your windows open at night!


The thought of replacing windows during the winter is not a happy one, but windows play a big role in regulating temperature in your home. By installing energy efficient windows, you can reduce heating/cooling bills while also adding décor and style to your home. Let’s not forget that adding a new set of windows to a home can give it a more open and updated look.


Driveway cracks should be repaired as soon as possible. Over time, the cracks will expand, and weeds could begin to grow out of them. Cracks provide an opening for water, and in regions with freeze-thaw cycles, water penetration will lead to deterioration of driveway surfaces. If it’s too late to repair cracks then laying down a new driveway is the next choice. And while you’re at it, you can install WarmlyYours Snow Melting System for the winter so you never have to shovel the driveway again! Summer is the perfect time for installation, because neither concrete nor asphalt should be placed when the ground is frozen - during the winter season.


It’s important to keep gutters clean and functioning to prevent that water gathering near the foundation. When water gathers and sits too close to a foundation, it can eventually allow the foundation to settle, which can cause significant structural or cosmetic damage to a home. You can also install WarmlyYours Gutter Deicing System to ensure that your gutters won’t become damaged during the wintertime.


Decks get dirty! It is important to give your deck a good cleaning and check for any water damage from the winter. Once cleaned, you should apply a fresh coat of sealer to protect the wood from future rain or snow. And if you don’t have a deck, summer is the best time to build one! Decks are a great extension of indoor space and can provide seating and dining area. Outdoor decking also increases the value of your home!

It won’t be summer forever! It’s time to get started!

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