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"Share Your Story: WarmlyYours Radiant is a General Contractor’s Dream"

I normally don't do customer surveys or feedback because I am too busy running my own business. I'm a general contractor, and I'm usually checking on jobs, talking to customers, doing estimates, and getting materials to the job sites. And, because the economy is slow, I can't afford a full time person to take care of my paperwork, so that means I'm busy into the night a lot also. My time is limited in order to stay on schedule, and in the construction business, very few jobs go as planned. As a contractor, I depend on my suppliers to answer their phones or return my calls. And, I took time to write this testimonial because I was amazed and very pleased by the professionalism, promptness, help, and follow up by the people at WarmlyYours Radiant. Read More

"Tech Tips: Ground Fault Protection for Floor Heating"

Electric radiant floor heating is a heating system that consists of electric cables built into the floor. The electric cables or mats warm your floor and are controlled by a thermostat that has a GFCI installed in it for optimal safety and comfort. If you have radiant floor heating and an imbalance within the electrical currents occurs, the GFCI in the radiant heat thermostat will automatically and instantly disconnect the electrical lines from the radiant heating system. The WarmlyYours thermostats are GFCI protected and a GFCI breaker is not necessary. And, we recommend only one GFCI device on the circuit be used to provide power to the heating element. Read More

"Housing Starts Rebound 1.5% to 699,000 in January"

January housing starts rebounded 1.5% to 699,000 annualized units. The reading was much stronger than the 675,000 expected by markets and comes after December starts were upwardly revised to 689,000 units (was 657,000 units). Multi-family starts rose 8.5% to 191,000 units in January, partially offsetting the 27.9% drop in December. Single-family starts, in contrast, fell 1.0% to 508,000 units in January though after surging 12.0% the month before. Starts were up across all regions, excluding the Midwest, which fell 40.7% after a December 79% surge. The headline figure was stronger than expected, and comes after a large upward revision in December, to suggest an even firmer trajectory than markets had earlier thought. Read More

"The Layered Approach to Home Heating"

Most homes in the United States are designed with central heating systems which distributes warmth to every room in the living space. Larger homes frequently have multiple systems, each handling specific zoned areas. However, in both cases each room is directly affected by only one heat source. These systems are usually designed to heat the rooms they are responsible for to 72 º F on the coldest day of the year in the last ten years. In actual practice they have often been oversized in order to guarantee this heating capability. Over sizing not only makes new systems more expensive to install, but also forces them to operate inefficiently, break down more often, and cost more to operate. Oversized heating equipment also creates uncomfortable draftiness and large temperature swings in the house. Before the era of tightly constructed homes, it was not uncommon to install furnaces that had two to four times the necessary capacity. When designing or replacing an existing system, homeowners should insist that contractors use correct sizing calculations before signing a contract. Read More


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