One of the hardest times to sell heating systems is during the summer...

And this is completely understandable. The last thing on someone’s mind is more heat. Due to this mindset, radiant heating can be difficult to sell because everyone is already warm. So how do you sell a heating system when homeowners are focusing on staying cool?

First off, it is important to remind homeowners that the heat of the summer won’t last all year round and winter will be back before they know it. And when wintertime hits, they’ll be shoveling their driveway or walking on ice cold floors while also kicking themselves, wishing they had installed a radiant heating system.

So let us show you how you can keep your customers from kicking themselves next winter. Here are some key tips on how to interest a homeowner to purchase radiant heating during the summertime:

1. Some Heating Systems Cannot be Installed During Winter

Let your potential customer know that the best season for installing a radiant heating system is during the summer! Whether it is indoor floor warming or outdoor snow melting, the summertime is the ideal time to install a radiant heating system because environmental factors such as severe weather, snow, and ice won’t interfere making it more costly and time consuming.

2. Summer is Actually Snow Melting Season

As we all know, most construction takes place during the summer. When installing a snow melting system the summertime really is the right time for installation, because neither concrete nor asphalt should be placed when the ground is frozen - during the winter season. We all know that wintertime leads to shoveling snow. And who wants to do that? Shoveling snow is not only hard work, but is physically demanding on your body and can lead to injury. Inform your customer that by installing a WarmlyYours snow melting system, they will never have to shovel their driveway again!

3. Bring the Summer to Winter!

Remind homeowners that no one likes to feel cold, icy floors under their feet, especially during the depths of winter. So for customers, who like to plan ahead, let them know that summertime is the perfect time to install radiant floor heating such as our TempZone™ or Environ II™ systems. By installing floor heating before the cold sets in, will ensure that they can experience the warmth of summer all year round.

And for those who enjoy barbequing or grilling outside, make homeowners aware that they can now extend those cooking activities to the colder months, thanks to radiant heat! Radiant heat is broadening the market for outdoor kitchens to traditionally colder climates such as the upper Midwest and Northeast, while extending the use year round. WarmlyYours’ snow melting and slab heating systems and our portable heating systems, HeatTrak, are perfect to keep outdoor kitchens, patios, entryways and stairways warm and snow free while cooking and entertaining outside in cooler weather.

When selling radiant heat, timing is everything! And summer is the perfect time to add it to a remodeling project. This summer, let us help you provide others with the warmth and comfort they’ll need for the winter!