Recently, WarmlyYours worked with Innovative Heating Driveways, a company based in Maple, Ontario, Canada, as well as Connecting Stones, a local paving company, and an electrician from Astro Electrical Services, to complete a total snow melting, driveway make-over!

WarmlyYours Floor PlanThe owner of Innovative Heating Driveways, Symcha B., decided to use his own driveway as the company’s first project with WarmlyYours. He wanted to master the installation process and to demonstrate to the project’s installers how easy it is to install the snow melting materials. Symcha contacted WarmlyYours to provide the project’s dimensions and surface type, and then worked closely with his WarmlyYours dedicated account manager to get everything delivered in time for the install.

Installation ImageThe installation was under pavers for both a two-door garage driveway and porch with stairs. WarmlyYours came on site to supervise the process and make sure to provide assistance to Innovative Heating Driveways working with Lino Genova from Connecting Stones as the paving company and Marcel Parent as the electrician, all of them being onsite at the same time for the entire installation process.

Connecting Stones started with building the porch and the stairs in front of the house. They had a custom installation plan provided by WarmlyYours to help them with measuring the spacing between the heating cables being used for the application. Marcel first tested the product to make sure there was continuity and continuously checked the ohm readings as they were laying down the cable respecting the 3” spacing shown on the floor plan. They finished up with a 1.5” mortar pour before laying down the 2.75” thick pavers.

Once the porch and the stairs were completed; they moved on to the driveway. For this application WarmlyYours had recommended the mat system perfectly designed to ease the installation on the driveway with no extra time needed to measure. By providing the measurements ahead of time to WarmlyYours, we were able to accommodate them with the perfect sizes choosing our 2 feet wide mats to fit a full driveway application as requested by Symcha B. They easily cut, flipped and turned the rolls as they were reaching the edge of the driveway and finished up the entire rolls. The electrician was onsite to check the ohms reading of the system as they were laying down the mats.

Installation Image

Installation ImageOnce all rolls were installed, they ran all the leads back to the junction box he had strategically installed ahead of time between the driveway and the porch. Then the paving company finished up the pour of the mortar before putting the pavers using extreme caution to avoid any damage on the heating wires.

Installation ImageThe premium areal control was selected for this application; perfect choice for an ultimate control of both the driveway and the stairs. The premium control was installed strategically so that it could detect moisture and temperature outside free from any obstacles to get the system started automatically. All connections were then completed with multiple conduits; one for the heating mats underneath the driveway, one for the stairs and porch and one for the control sensor.

This entire installation was a team effort. WarmlyYours was able to provide an accurate quotation to Innovative Heating Driveways with all electrical specifications so that they could coordinate with both the paver and the electrician both participating in the entire installation process. Here are a few words from the owner of the company:

"In my experience, Innovative Heating Driveways made a great decision by using the WarmlyYours snow melting products. We were able to provide the best overall customer experience combining both the services provided by my company (products install, paving, and electrician) and WarmlyYours 24/7 technical support and knowledgeable & friendly customer service. Now the best part it yet to happen: we cannot wait for winter to come for no more shoveling or waiting for snow removal services and a snow-free driveway! We are very much looking forward to more projects with WarmlyYours!"
- Innovative Heating Driveways, Maple, Ontario

Installation Image

Blog by Elodie Pasek, Branch Manager WY Canada, June 15, 2010

Special Credits
Symcha B., Innovative Heating Driveways:
Lino Genova, Connecting Stones:
Marcel Parent: Astro Electrical Services
Laura Brodt, Sales & Ops Supervisor @ WarmlyYours Canada


we don't have snow here in angel grove so it's my first time to see that... nice innovation, is it advisable to wood also.

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