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Heats up a room without drying the air!

I got these for a couple different reasons. I was told Far Infrared has some therapeutic detox properties, and I wanted a way to lessen my dependence on my HVAC system which dries the air in my house. I have a couple of cold spots I wanted to address, and hoped these would do it. I'm really pleased to say they do a great job! I installed one under the kitchen counter on the wall facing the back door and windows. The wall panel heats up the granite counter top, wall and flooring, eventually reaching the wall and windows 8' away. There's a distinct difference in the temperature of the wall closest to this wall panel and the wall on the other side of the back door. I installed the second in my office next to the windows, so it heats up the wall, windows, blinds, and furniture. It does a nice job taking the chill off that 10'x12' space. I should mention that while these wall panels do heat up the surrounding surfaces, the surrounding surfaces are never too hot to touch. These come with a warning that the glass of the wall panels shouldn't be touched while in use. I had some reservations about the heat these generate marring the paint and/or drywall, but the cool metal backing, and spacing, is doing a great job of protecting my home. The third picture I've uploaded shows that gap. I also had some reservations about using these around my curious cats. I've been pleased that while my cats are enjoying lounging in the warm spots these create, they haven't tried to touch them. The installation was pretty easy. I would have loved for the brackets on the back to be spaced so I could have mounted these on studs as opposed to using the included anchors, but the anchors appear sufficient to bear the weight. Spackling will be sufficient to repair the holes if I ever decide to move them. If you're going to mount them on a wall adjacent to waterlines, like I did, please be sure to use a stud finder that will tell you where the water lines are. The main reason I love these is they do heat up a space and they are quiet since they don't have a fan. I put mine on a countdown timer, which you can see in the first pic so I don't have to remember to turn them off when the house gets warm in the afternoon.

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January 20, 2021

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