UDG4-4999-WY reviewed by Floor I. of Fairfield, CT

Large heater under tile in 3 season room

Put together large under tile heater project with the design help of WarmIy yours the initial installation design with the spacer did not really work because of the long wire runs and the size of the room. When I called their office and explained the installation issue and they offered to send me the Prodeso installation membrane and rushed it right out to me. We completed the installation on time and the customer loves it. They called me for a follow up issue with no heat, worked with their Product Support on the phone at my customers site and determined that the thermostat was not working properly and they rushed me a replacement thermostat that I was able to change and got the system working, my customer was delighted, Great product with great support. Will defiantly us again. Thank you David Baker

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Floor I. | Fairfield, CT
May 12, 2022

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