UWG4-4999 reviewed by Tara S. of Rocky Mount, NC

EXCELLENT customer service!

Bought my current home 7 years ago with already installed heated marble bathroom floors and the thermostat appeared to go out....in winter😳😳😳. Wasn't sure how to manage it as I'm separated from my husband and have been forced to manage things I had previously relagated as a "male" duty. When the device arrived I was unable to figure out how to get it installed....and called a helpline on a Sunday😬😬. And to my surprise, an actual person picked up the phone ❤️❤️. A technician called a day or two later to address my concerns, but I was on the road driving and unable to explain adequately the challenges I had faced attempting to install it😣😣. The technician forwarded me a video instruction guide and assured me that if this was insufficient to allow for successful installation, then he would gladly accept my phone call back. The video was EASY to understand and in under an hour the thermostat was successfully installed and I've been enjoying heated floors in January AGAIN....thank God!!! And thanks to WarmlyYours!

Item Reviewed:
Tara S. | Rocky Mount, NC
January 28, 2023

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