• Generous 9-bar Design: The Riviera towel warmer rack uses 9 brushed stainless steel bars to evenly distribute heat, warming up to 2 large towels or bathrobes

  • Dual Connection: The wall-mounted Riviera uses 120 VAC input power and can be used as is for a plug-in connection or the cord can be modified by a licensed electrician for a hardwired connection

  • Overheat Protection: This model comes with built-in TempSmart™ overheat protection to prevent the unit’s surface temperature from exceeding 167°F (75°C)

  • No Cover Plate Required: Because this unit doesn't require a gang-box or corresponding cover plate, it has a very streamlined and balanced appearance after installation

  • Comes in both brushed and polished versions to ensure you find the right option for your project


Warm towels are a luxury we don’t always get to enjoy—after all, putting towels into the dryer every time we took a shower would not only be energy inefficient, but inconvenient as well. Enter the Riviera towel warmer from WarmlyYours. This towel warmer is made of high-quality stainless steel and has enough room to accommodate plenty of towels or bathrobes. The Riviera towel warmer adds class and elegance to the bathrooms in your home. Available in either brushed or polished stainless steel finishes, these electric towel warmers not only function well, they look great too. Each of the nine curved towel bars are designed to dry and warm large towels or bathrobes easily. Just imagine, always feeling the comfort and coziness of warm towel after your shower or bath, or waking up on a cold morning and being able to put on a warm bathrobe. You can also pair your Riviera with a programmable timer (sold separately) which allows you the convenience and flexibility of setting it up in advance so that your towels are warm, ready, and waiting for you when you step out of the shower. It’s perfect for the work week! It can also be paired with a WiFi Switch control (sold separately) to enable the ability to control your unit with a smartphone or computer. 

Towel warmers from WarmlyYours are not only high-quality steel, but they’re durable and look great too. Some towel warmers don’t have the capability to get your towels warm enough, or if they do, there are only one or two bars to use. With the Riviera model, you can enjoy the convenience of having nine bars to hang your towels and bathrobes from. If you’re ready to add luxury to your home in the form of heated towel racks, look no further than the products offered by WarmlyYours. In our collection, there is something for every homeowner, so you’re sure to find something you love. If you have questions or want more information, feel free to contact us today.

Dimensions: 24”W x 32”H x 6.125”D.

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Can I install the towel warmer myself or do I need to hire someone to do it for me?

Each towel warmer comes with an instruction manual which fully explains how to install the device from start to finish. If you can hang a picture, you can probably install a heated towel rack. However, for hardwired models, you will need a licensed professional who is certified to do electrical wiring for the final hook-up. 

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How hot does the towel warmer actually get and is there any possibility of damage?

The heated towel rack will heat up to between 100 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It will not produce sufficient heat to injure you if you touch or brush up against it, though you should still exercise caution around the device. Please note that once a heated towel rail is warmed up, the surface temperature will remain constant and can't be adjusted incrementally. 

The heated towel racks have a built-in offset from the wall (the size of the offset will depend on which model you purchased); the offset provides sufficient clearance to prevent any damage to the wall. You should also maintain a distance of four inches between the towel warmer and surrounding fixtures.

Additionally, nearly all of our electric towel warmer models* come with built-in TempSmart™ overheat protection which will shut the unit down automatically if the unit's surface exceeds the safety limit of between 149°F (65°C) and 167°F (75°C).

*Excludes the Elements model.

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Can the electric towel warmer be installed “upside down” to change the power access point?

Yes, most of our wall-mounted towel warmers have a fixed power location in the lower right corner.  All of our heated towel racks are electric "dry" (liquid/oil-free) units and most can be installed "upside down". Doing so will result in the power location relocating from the lower right corner to the upper left corner.

Please see the installation video here:  https://www.warmlyyours.com/en-US/video-media/towel-warmer-install

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Does the towel warmer have an automatic shutoff function?

The heated towel rack is designed to stay on at a relatively constant temperature to keep your bathrobes and towels fresh, warm, and dry. However, should you need to turn the unit off for any reason, you can use the integrated on/off switch on the unit. If you’re using a control for your heated towel rack, you may need to shut off the unit there as well. 

Most of our electric towel warmer models* come with built-in TempSmart™ overheat protection which will shut the unit down automatically if the unit's surface exceeds the safety limit of between 149°F (65°C) and 167°F (75°C). 

*Excludes the Elements model. 

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How do I use the towel warmer after it is installed?

Our towel warmers are designed for everyday use and all of them include an integrated on/off switch. Please note that the Ibiza model includes additional built-in timer options for controlling the unit. WarmlyYours also offers a wide array of controls that can be used with your heated towel rack. Depending on the control you select, you can program the heated towel rack to your schedule or operate it remotely. Just bear in mind that the heated towel rack is designed to gradually warm towels over the course of a day and does work best when towels are left to hang for about 3 hours.

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Customer Reviews

Riviera achieved an average rating of 4.7 stars with 24 reviews by our customers.

Replacement for Towel heating hanger

Gordon F., Glen Allen, VA on 07/28/2022

I loved the towel heater, but it only lasted a few years. I had to purchase a replacement at full price. It appeared it was 1/8 shorter, which made instillation difficult. I hope this one last much longer, they are too expensive to keep replaceing.

Response from WarmlyYours:

Thank you for your review. We are constantly improving our products, so a towel warmer purchased a few years ago may differ slightly from our currently-available units. We processed your replacement unit at 50% off the current MSRP plus shipping and tax. Please let us know if that amount does not match what you were billed. Thanks again for taking the time to submit your review.

great customer service but design limitations

Robert K., Montreal, QC on 05/18/2022

While the customer service individuals were fantastic, and the rack worked great until it didn't, the product itself was disappointing in the sense that it is non reparable and therefore environmentally a very poor choice . It broke my heart to send the entire burnt out unit to the landfill after only 5 years because it lacked any overheat protection. Overheating btw that is not evidently not so difficult to achieve.

Response from WarmlyYours:

Thank you very much for taking the time to provide this review. We really do use these as opportunities to grow and learn from the people who are actually using our products, like yourself.  You're absolutely right about overheat protection which is why, over the last couple of years, we've worked to onboard that feature for nearly every single one of our towel warmer models.  I also want to be very clear that we make every effort to repair the towel warmers that are sent in as returns or for warranty replacements--not only as a matter of "good business" but also because we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.  Again, we really appreciate your feedback and we hope you'll give our (now overheat protected) towel warmers another chance in the future. 

Happy and Warm

Jackie B., Somerset, NJ on 03/26/2022

I love, love, love my towel warmer. It adds a big of extra warmth when I get out of the shower and wrapping myself in a warm towel feels wonderful. I'm so very happy with my towel warmer and will always have one. Purchasing from WarmlyYours was easy and the and the staff helpful. I got my warmer in a few days from the time I place the order and I'm very pleased!

Love it

Anonymous, Clermont, FL on 03/16/2022

Easy to install works great.

Towel heater was relatively easy to install

Mike D., Cary, NC on 02/28/2022

Towel heater was relatively easy to install. I definitely recommend a timer switch. We cannot do without the towel warmer. Highly recommend “WarmlyYours”.

Works perfectly

Anonymous, Vienna, VA on 12/30/2021

Great towel warmer and I even have it plugged into a Phillips Hue smart plug to turn on and off at different times of the day

The rack was exactly as described, well packaged for shipment

Alan B., Ann Arbor, MI on 11/23/2021

The rack was exactly as described, well packaged for shipment & it arrived undamaged. My electrician installed it, and it works great. Based on my experience, I’d definitely recommend WarmlyYours.

Drying off with a warm towel is nothing short of luxurious.

Anonymous, Dedham, MA on 10/15/2021

Drying off with a warm towel is nothing short of luxurious.

Quality Products we love!

Anonymous, Clearwater, FL on 10/04/2021

WarmlyYours has been our go-to product for the best towel warmers! Other products we have tried were no where near the quality of WarmlyYours. The materials used, the workmanship/finishes, and even the appropriate bar spacing make them the only product I would use. Our careers have taken us to several locations over the years and we have installed their towel warmers in our last 4 homes. We appreciate the great quality and excellent customer service. We currently have 2 of the Riviera warmers hard wired with timers. Living in sunny, but humid Florida, the warmers ensure the towel stays dry between washings. They are also a great place to dry swimwear and delicates. In the cooler climates, it was always great to get out of the shower to a warm and cozy towel. I highly recommend WarmlyYours products.

Excellent product and service.

Just I., Richmond Hill, ON on 09/20/2021

Ordered one day and picked up the next day. No waiting. Troy is a real pleasure to work with. He followed up the next day to ensure everything was going well. Great company and product.

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