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How to adhere cork panels to the subfloor


How to adhere cork panels to the subfloor

Amorim/Acousticork recommends thinset or other type I organic adhesive.  

Please note this is not our supplier's suggested method, and we only offer it as a suggestion.  We recommend thinset.  Here is a blurb from Corkdirect.com about adhering cork to floor:

"Pull the loosely laid material back at least half its length.  Using a 3/32” x 3/32” x 3/32” v-notch trowel, apply CorkDirect Fortane Urethane underlayment adhesive at a spread rate of 100 square feet per gallon. Gently return the pulled back material and roll in both directions with a 100 lb. roller."

Urethane adhesive is the suggestion of:  corkdirect.com

Written by Anatoliy Isayenko
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