National Electric Code NEC and Closets or Walls. Running one wire from one room into another.


Is Electric floor heating allowed in closets or walls?  Can a cable start in one room and run into another?

No.  Taken from NEC Code book

424.38 Area Restrictions.

(A) Shall Not Extend Beyond the Room or Area. Heating cables shall not extend beyond the room or area in which they originate.

(B) Uses Prohibited. Heating cables shall not be installed in the following:

(1) In closets

(2) Over walls

(3) Over partitions that extend to the ceiling, unless they are isolated single runs of embedded cable

(4) Over cabinets whose clearance from the ceiling is less than the minimum horizontal dimension of the cabinet to the nearest cabinet edge that is open to the room or area

(C) In Closet Ceilings as Low-Temperature Heat Sources to Control Relative Humidity. The provisions of 424.38(B) shall not prevent the use of cable in closet ceilings as low-temperature heat sources to control relative humidity, provided they are used only in those portions of the ceiling that are unobstructed to the floor by shelves or other permanent luminaires (fixtures).

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