Side button on OJ touchscreens no response, no click. nSpire touch GFCI test button error screen set up, GFI


The side button on the faceplate of the OJ touch screens doesn't respond.  No "click" is felt when pushing. YOU WILL GET THE ERROR SCREEN EVERY TIME YOU PRESS THE TEST BUTTON. (including during thermostat set up)

Remove faceplate.

Turn upside down to see electronic card, screw hole at bottom

Use T10 or T8 screwdriver to loosen 3 screws securing card to housing.  Do not remove the screws.

Move board to the left.

Tighten screws.

Feel for "click" when pushing button.

Click = reinstall faceplate and test for operation.  If unit functions, problem fixed.

No click = replace unit.

See picture attached.

Written by Scott Rosenbaum
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