Simple troubleshooting checklist. OJ thermostats, floor heat, ohms test, etc. Cold floors. Tech 2


Please see a sheet that covers simple troubleshooting. 


OJ Touch Thermostats are shipped with a default setting for laminate floors.  Every customer with tile floors will need to change this setting.  These customers will complain that their NEW OJ thermostat isn't working correctly or floor isn't heating.  

Here is a link to a video that shows how to change the setting:

Here is the programming guide for the touch:

Here is the programming guide for the WIFI:

If a customer needs a Distributor ID for the wifi unit, that number is 10266.

If a customer needs the kW draw of their system for programming, the watts are on their floorplan, in the bottom right corner.  If their system uses 1600 watts, that's 1.6 kw.  If their system uses 500 watts, that's .5 kW.  Watts / 1000=kW.  That number has NOTHING to do with floor operation, just energy use data.

If the new OJ touch has 3 dots on the screen, the child lock is on.  Please send programming guide to customer:

If a customer has replaced their old TH115 thermostat with a new OJ unit and needs help wiring the new OJ, here is the video:

If a customer wants to know how to wire their new system, here is the OJ wiring video:

Here is the wiring diagram that can be emailed for wiring TempZone to OJ:

If a customer's floor was installed and NEVER worked, it is probably not wired correctly,  Here is the OJ wiring diagram for TempZone:

If the customer's floor has worked well for some time and now it doesn't, it could be the circuit, the stat, or the floor.  Please send the ohms sheet in these cases, because Tech will need ohms reading to troubleshoot anyway.  

Here is the link to the single conductor ohms sheet:  

Here is the link to the TWIN ohms testing sheet:


If a customer has a TH115 series stat and they need help programming their stat and no one in Tech is available, please send them the EZ programming guide:

If the customer's TH115 is now blank, or the display flashes numbers repeatedly in a loop and never clears, it is probably bad.  Have them try cycling the power switch along with the breaker to see if anything changes.  If not, the stat is bad and will need replaced.  Please confer with tech team before replacing.


If a customer's towel warmer is not working, they can trouble shoot it with this sheet.  Please send sheet and have customer do test.  If they need more help, send to tech.  Here is test sheet:

If a customer needs help programming their timer, here is the link to the quick programming guide for new timers:  

Here is the link for the old timers:

If you get anything more involved than these easy 1st steps, please see if Tech is available.  If we are not, please make a ticket in heatwave.  Thanks for your assistance.

Written by Scott Rosenbaum
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