Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Electric Radiant Heat
For Tile & Stone Floors

Electric Floor Heating Systems for tile and stone floors are among the most popular applications in the industry. They are perfect for delivering radiant heat to naturally cold stone and tile surfaces to transform them into beautifully soothing warm floors.

Our heated floor systems generate even heat throughout your home and will not disturb dust – this reduces noise levels, prevents the air from becoming too dry, and limits possible allergic reactions.

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Radiant Heating for Tile & Stone Flooring

Radiant electric heating transforms cold, hard tile and stone into cozy, comfortable floors easily. Choose between several different in floor electric heat products to create an ideal floor warming system tailored to your home. Review details of our various floor warming systems, below, to better select the option that is right for your flooring type, room layout and particular needs.

Full Coverage Custom Mat Floor Heating

Custom Mats

Custom Mats allow homeowners to specifically shape their heated floor mats to follow curves and angles in any room. Say goodbye to the potential of cold spots in rooms when you use something custom-cut to the dimensions of your room.

  • Full coverage for any size space, such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, or basements
  • Easiest installation, no Flex Rolls required
  • Customized, perfect fit for your specific room design
  • 12-15 watts per sq. ft., 1/8" thick

For optimal fit, designed perfectly to fit exact dimensions for any shaped room, our custom-fit mats are made to follow curves and angles with ease. Custom Mats allow for faster, simpler installations.

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Full Coverage Flex Roll Floor Heating

Flex Rolls

Flex Rolls are made by securing an evenly spaced heating cable onto mesh fabric that, when installed, provides even heat throughout the flooring area. These are great for full-coverage spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, or basements.

  • Full coverage for any size space, such as kitchens, living rooms, or basements
  • Ideal for in-field flexibility (Flex Roll)
  • Single & twin conductor available
  • 15 watts per sq. ft., 1/8" thick

TempZone™ Flex Rolls consist of a heating cable secured onto a green mesh fabric, the heating cable is distributed in serpentine loops always staying 3” apart to deliver an even heat throughout the flooring area without leaving any cold spots in the room.

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Easy Mat Floor Heating Coverage

Easy Mats

Easy Mats are designed to provide heated flooring systems to specific areas within rooms—for example, in front of the shower or bathtub so you never have to step onto cold tile. They are a no-cut design and are made to fit areas with fixed dimensions.

  • Floor heating for specific larger areas "blanket" coverage, such as a family room or bedroom
  • No-cut one piece, rectangular mat
  • 120 Volt
  • 15 watts per sq. ft., 1/8" thick

An exceptional value, created to heat specific smaller areas of a room with a "no-cut" one-piece mat design. This is an ideal application for bathrooms, in front of a vanity or for shower floor heating, converting your bathroom into a spa.

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Spot Coverage Floor Heating for Shower and Bench Mats

Floor Heating Cable (Twin)

Electric Floor Heating Cables are perfect for providing heating underneath tile, stone, and hardwood, and are ideal for any size room. Twin cables provide greater flexibility than traditional cable and mat systems. This enhances the ease of installation in irregular shaped rooms with angled or rounded walls and in tight spaces with obtrusive plumbing or support structures.

  • Full coverage for any size space, such as kitchens, living rooms, or basements
  • Ideal for in-field flexibility
  • Full heating coverage for spaces of any shape or size
  • 120V or 240V
  • 10-12 watts per sq. ft. at 3” spacing

This free-form cable provides the ultimate in flexibility, making it easy to customize installation for rooms of any size and shape. An alternative option for installers who prefer the flexibility and freedom of working with loose cable.

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Spot Coverage Floor Heating for Shower and Bench Mats

Shower Mats

Heated shower floors are a possibility with these Shower Mats. Safe for wet-location installation, shower mats add an air of luxury to bathrooms. These mats are one-piece installations, and are available for both shower floors and shower benches. Each product is designed for fast and easy installation and includes a wire-free drain.

  • Two products available: Shower Floor Mat & Shower Bench Mat
  • Wet location approved (Canada)
  • No-cut, one piece, easy installation
  • 15 watts per sq. ft., 1/8" thick

This installation is very similar to tile and stone flooring. Our product is safe for wet locations, and would be perfect for today's spa bathrooms.

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