“Space is very important for regulating emotions,” states Sam Gosling, a psychology professor at University of Texas at Austin. Gosling states men who have their own personalized caves are more likely to be psychologically healthier than men who don’t. Reason being, man caves allow men to spend time alone doing things they enjoy to keep their emotions regulated.

There’s nothing like a Radiant Man Cave

Picture your basement or garage personalized in your favorite theme, with a popcorn machine located in one corner and a kegerator located in the other. Your own personalized man cave in which you can let go of all stress, forget about the load of all the pending work and play computer games, read car magazines, listen to loud music or just watch five action movies at once during the winter season while surrounded by relaxing radiant heat. WarmlyYours provides the extra warmth and comfort you need in your very own man cave, in the form of radiant heating panels, in-floor heating or countertop radiant heating.

Believe it or not, man caves serve a basic psychological function. That's because a “space that properly satisfies and regulates emotional and psychological needs is much less likely to evolve if someone else influences the outcome,” believes Gosling. Who wants a space that is so important for emotional wellbeing to be cool and chilly?

Adding radiant heating to your man cave will add luxury and comfort so you don’t have to worry about being cold in your own space with your male friends. WarmlyYours provides in-floor heating that can be installed under different floor types such as tile and stone, carpet, concrete, nailed hardwood and floating floor. This means you can also enjoy the luxury of having heated floors in your bathroom. Our floor warming is inexpensive to install and usually costs no more than some pennies a day!

You've Got Other Options:

To keep your room’s walls, ceiling and objects heated, you may choose to install a WarmlyYours radiant heating panel that warms up objects within the room and releases heat back into the room slowly and evenly. This is a suitable approach to having a radiantly heated room while you enjoy your male-only space and indulge in your hobbies. Our radiant heating panels are flexible to mount on walls or ceilings, so installation is fast and easy.

In case your man cave has a bar that you and your male friends love leaning on while watching your favorite sports game, WarmlyYours provides you custom countertop heating solutions to keep your arms from resting on cold countertops. With a low operating cost of just 10 cents per day, our countertop heaters can be installed to heat only the area you desire.

Research proves that cold and chilly rooms reduce work efficiency and productivity. We know you’ve spent time personalizing your very own man cave so we want to see you maximize your hard earned leisure while you spend time socializing with your friends or work productively on your car repair! Hence, WarmlyYours’ radiant heating is one of the best ways to stay warm during fall and winter. Let the hidden warmth under the floors or surrounding your room keep you comfortable while watching the game. You’re only one step away from enjoying your quintessential man cave!

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