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WarmlyYours debuts new electrical rough-in kits

Electrical Rough-in Kit Single Gang Box with Single Conduit

Electrical Rough-in Kits aim to prolong the life of a floor-heating thermostat

Lake Zurich, Ill., July 24, 2015 ⎯ Because the size of a junction box has a vital effect on the operation of a thermostat, WarmlyYours Radiant Heating developed two Electrical Rough-in Kits that include the ideal-sized box as well as other necessary items for safely and properly installing a floor-heating thermostat.

Both kits feature a 4- by 4-inch dual gang box, which prolongs the life of a thermostat because it allows air to circulate around the control, keeping it from overheating. Thermostats installed in a dual gang box last significantly longer than those installed in a 2- by 3-inch box, according to WarmlyYours experts.

The dual gang box in these kits also makes it easier to wire multiple floor-heating rolls or cables within the same box, because it offers more space for the cold lead connections. Plus, it helps to mitigate the possibility of wires contacting each other when they shouldn’t, which can cause shorts.

“Oftentimes, a single gang box will be mistakenly used to install a floor-heating thermostat,” said WarmlyYours President and Owner Julia Billen. “We want to ensure that trade professionals and homeowners alike have the right components to install a floor-heating thermostat in the safest and most effective way. These kits give them everything they need to do that.”

The Electrical Rough-in Kits are available in two versions: one with conduit and one without conduit. The eight-piece kit with conduit contains everything needed to install and connect a thermostat with an electric radiant heating system in accordance with the National Electric Code, including the dual gang box, a single gang mud ring, conduit, a cable protector and more. The four-piece kit without conduit was developed for projects in which the local electrical code does not require conduit for the low-voltage sensor wire or the power leads. Therefore, it includes everything needed for a professional thermostat installation without the conduit and related parts.

Items included in the kits also are available for purchase separately for those who already own some of the parts.

For pricing and more information, visit www.warmlyyours.com/floor-heating/accessories. Hi-res images are available upon request.

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