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A Perfect Match: Shaw Floors and WarmlyYours

Shaw Flooring alliance and WarmlyYours

WarmlyYours has many successful partnerships with flooring buying groups. These groups include Flooring Alliance, CCA Global, Floor to Ceiling, and Shaw Flooring, just to name a few.

And we’re thrilled to showcase our partnership, established in 2004, as the preferred radiant heat vendor with the Shaw Floors Buying Group. And, because of Shaw Floors’ vast popularity, one of the top flooring manufacturers in the United States, our alliance with Shaw is a mutually beneficial partnership. Shaw has approximately 14,000 retail stores, 3,000 of which are aligned dealers, who sell Shaw products and recommend the use of WarmlyYours to their customers. We had the privilege to sit down with the owner of Roger’s Flooring (a local Shaw dealer), Roger Wanshek, to hear about his experience selling and installing our products. Take a look at his interview in the video below, and see exactly why we place such a high value on our business partnerships.

As you can see, Roger Wanshek is more than a little familiar with WarmlyYours products and its benefits to his customers. Roger’s Flooring deals mainly with customers in the retail and custom building industry that rely on dependable products that are easy to install and fit within a particular budget. His customers’ satisfaction is his top priority which is why Roger doesn’t hesitate to recommend WarmlyYours floor heating systems.

Interestingly enough, out of the numerous WarmlyYours floor-heating systems that Roger’s Flooring has sold and installed, the need to contact our 24/7 Technical and Installation Support service has been taken advantage of only once or twice. This fact really speaks to the ease with which WarmlyYours products can be installed. Those few times when our trained radiant heating experts needed to be contacted turned out to be a pleasant experience for Roger’s Flooring.

Timely response and excellent service does not end with our technical assistance. Roger Wanshek can attest to the simplicity of getting a pricing quote for a custom installation job. Within 24 hours of submitting a floor plan to WarmlyYours, our dedicated team of Account Managers will have your free custom installation plan along with a quote for all components required. If you like what you see then we’ll ship your order the very same day. Does it get any easier than that?!

Successful business partnerships like the one we have with Roger’s Flooring provide a fantastic venue for showcasing and recommending our WarmlyYours products to our future customers. We don’t know what we’d do without them!

Thank you, Roger’s Flooring!

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