Technology has made its way into nearly all aspects of life — and now, that includes the master bathroom. We’re talking about more than using a smart phone there. Although it’s true that more than half of respondents to a Houzz survey admitted to using their mobile devices in the bathroom at least once a week, the technology that’s really taking the remodeling market by storm is found within toilets, tubs and showers. According to a recent Houzz study, one in five new toilets, one in eight new bathtubs, and nearly one in 10 new showers in renovated master bathrooms are equipped with at least one high-tech feature

The top high-tech toilet features include self-cleaning, overflow/anti-clog protection, motion activated seat, built-in nightlight, heated seating, self-deodorizer and hands-free flushing features. For bathtubs, the top high-tech features include built-in lighting, heated backrests, scented mist dispensers, and sounds/vibrations. The top high-tech shower features include mood lighting, digital controls, built-in sound and showerheads with LED lighting. These technological features make life easier and more comfortable for homeowners, so it makes sense that they’re gaining in popularity!

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Large showers and double vanities allow room for two.

A Bathroom Built for Two

When they remodel, homeowners are also making sure their master bathrooms have enough room for two. Sixty-six percent of those renovating their bathroom are choosing double vanities. Nearly half are adding full or partial-height walls to create privacy, such as distinct shower or toilet areas. In fact, three in four renovated master bathrooms feature at least one walled-off area. Moreover, 21 percent are installing a dual shower and 20 percent have chosen a bathtub with room for two, according to the study. Given that the average master bathroom is used by two people, these choices make perfect sense.

Longing for Luxury

Shower with rainfall showerhead
This master bathroom features a rainfall showerhead.

Additionally, homeowners are seeking luxury in their freshly remodeled bathrooms. The most popular luxury feature among surveyed remodelers is far and away a rainfall showerhead. More than half of respondents selected this type of showerhead when remodeling their master bathroom. However, there are a number of luxury items that homeowners didn’t install that they wish they had. The top two are radiant heating and towel warmers.

What Could Have Been

One in five homeowners reported installing radiant heated floors in their renovated master bathroom, but another 13 percent wish they had done so. In order to install electric heated floors, the flooring must be torn up. That’s why it’s ideal to think about in-floor heating at the same time that you’re considering replacing the flooring. That’s also why forgetting about this luxury feature during a remodel is a top cause of regret.    

WarmlyYours TempZone floor heating under bathroom tile with towel warmer
Heated floors and towel warmers are the top features
homeowners wish they had installed in their bathroom.

Similarly, only 9 percent of homeowners installed a towel warmer in their renovated bathroom, but 12 percent of respondents said they wish they had. Luckily, this regret is much easier to remedy than in-floor heating. A plug-in or hardwired towel warmer can be installed at any time and is an inexpensive addition. Towel warmers range between $149 and $499 and have the option to be paired with a WeMo WiFi Switch, which allows homeowners to control their towel warmer from anywhere using their mobile device. Just another high-tech feature to make your life as easy and comfortable as possible.

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