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New Custom Additions to the TempZone™ Floor Heating Collection

Here at WarmlyYours, we promise to deliver warmth and comfort to your home, while also making our products virtually effortless to install. And, in keeping with our promise of ease and warmth, we are introducing our new TempZone™ Standard Mat and our new TempZone™ Custom Fit Mat, both designed for easy installation while bringing optimal comfort to your home.

new TempZone floor heating products

These new additions are the perfect complement to our TempZone™ Cut & Turn Rolls offering you the widest range of solutions for any room configuration. Our TempZone™ Electric Floor Heating systems can be installed under tile, stone, or hardwood to soothingly heat naturally cold surfaces. Generating an even heat throughout your home, the TempZone™ systems will not disturb dust, cutting down on airborne allergens, and can even reduce noise levels.

Our new TempZone™ Standard Mat’s purpose is to heat specific larger areas of a room with a "no-cut" one-piece square/rectangular mat design. The TempZone™ Standard Mat is made to fit areas with fixed dimensions, whether a large bathroom, or small room for specific spot heating coverage. Available in 120V or 240V, the TempZone™ Standard Mat is 12 watts per sq. ft. and only 1/8” thick. It is perfect for large areas such as a living room or bedroom.

The TempZone™ Custom Fit Mat is made for optimal fit, designed specifically to conform to any room shape. There are no cuts or turns required and it offers the easiest installation of our other TempZone™ mats. Our custom-fit mats are 12-15 watts per sq. ft. and are made to follow curves and angles with ease and to evenly distribute heat. The installation process is not only simpler, but also faster.

installation for radiant floor heating

Along with these two new TempZone™ additions, WarmlyYours would like to announce our rebrand of our TempZone™ ValueMats to the TempZone™ MiniMats. Our TempZone™ MiniMats are an exceptional value, created to heat specific smaller areas of a room with a "no-cut," one-piece mat design. This is an ideal application for bathrooms, perfect for use in front of a vanity or for shower floor heating, with the radiant heat transforming your bath into a spa retreat.

When it comes to electric radiant floor heating for tile, stone, or hardwood, WarmlyYours TempZone™ floor heating system is one that can’t be beat. The ease of installation and five star customer rating, distinguishes our TempZone™ system from all the others. With the new additions to TempZone™, our electric floor heating systems provide you with all you need in order to bring comfort and luxury into your home.

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