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Radiant Pro Selling: Features vs. Benefits - It Takes Both to Win!

Too often in sales, representatives make the mistake of over stressing their products’ features, but they skimp on the benefits it provides to their customer. Your customers are most certainly interested in the features of your product, but I can assure you, they will most likely buy because it personally benefits them or their loved ones in some way. The question is, are you explaining both the features and the benefits of WarmlyYours products to your customers? Do you have a clear understanding of each?

The reason many sales reps make this mistake is because it’s simply so much “easier” to convey a product’s features than it is to sell its benefits. Features can be memorized and rehearsed. They are one of the first things you learn when you begin selling a new product or brand. Just spend a few minutes reading the products instruction manual, and you’ll know all of its features. Explaining the benefits of your product takes better product knowledge, as well as more imagination and creativity. It also takes knowing your customers more in depth; understanding their specific wants, needs, and challenges, as well as what is most important to them regarding their remodeling project. How good are you at explaining WarmlyYours product benefits to your customers?

First lets explore the difference between Features and Benefits:

Features: Cold hard facts. Characteristics about the products that describe the way they look and operate. They are statistics and specifications about the product. One example of a great feature of our products is saying that WarmlyYours Radiant Floor Heating systems heat up, utilizing the full 15 watts per square foot, the highest allowed by national electric code.

Benefits: These explain how using WarmlyYours Radiant Heating products will help your customer solve their need or problem. It tells them what they will gain by using the products. An example of merging a great feature with the corresponding benefit is to say that with utilizing a full 15 watts per square foot, your floors will heat up faster and will be warmer than the competitors, saving you energy and making you more comfortable.

As I said before, using both of them equally is vitally important. If you only explain features to your customer, you are only telling them how great your product is, but you are not giving them a personal reason to buy!

Here is a Side-By-Side Look at WarmlyYours Radiant Floor Heating Features and Benefits:

radiant heating features and benefits

Find out what is most important to your customers, and then directly relate it to the benefits WarmlyYours products provide. Don’t just tell them about features, tell them how the products will help them, improve their home, improve their life, save them money, make them more comfortable, and make their remodel go easier. Whatever it is that is most important to them, make sure you can explain the appropriate benefit. Don’t just sell the steak, sell the sizzle!

Go beyond just reciting WarmlyYours Radiant Heating products features, and explain to your customers the benefits of radiant heating. You will see a significant increase in your radiant heating sales, and improve your service and customer experience in the process!

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