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WarmlyYours Introduces Two New Smart Thermostat Programming Services

WarmlyYours offers two new thermostat programming services

We are proud to announce the addition of another service to our SmartAdvantage suite for all customers in the United States (U.S.) and Canada.

Because we understands the challenges of fully benefiting from the savings that a programmable thermostat can bring, they are pleased to announce two comprehensive thermostat-programming services, Smart HomeSet (U.S. only) and Smart PreSet (U.S. and Canada). We are the first in the industry to introduce and offer such as service for the homeowner or trade professional.

Choose from the Smart HomeSet service (U.S. only), in-home service, providing a secure, professional programmer who will come to the customer’s home and program the WarmlyYours SmartStat™, onsite, or choose the Smart PreSet service (U.S. and Canada), where the thermostat will be pre-programmed at the time of your order by a WarmlyYours professional and sent along with your complete floor heating order, ready to function according to the lifestyle, early-start, ambient and floor temperature settings of your choice.

“Most homeowners are paying more money on their energy bill for less thermostat functionality,” said WarmlyYours President/Owner Julia Billen. “Most programmable thermostats are confusing - full of unexplainable buttons, boring, or just not smart enough to keep and demand the homeowner’s attention. And, we decided it was time to put the energy power back into the hands of our customers.”

WarmlyYours offers two new thermostat programming services

According to Energy Star, correctly programming your thermostat will save you approximately $180 per year.

The WarmlyYours SmartStat™ Thermostat is an intelligent programmable thermostat that has all the features to fit your lifestyle, like early-start, ambient and floor temperature settings – giving the homeowner the ability to save money all while enjoying the radiant heat products.

With this service, the programmer will work with the customer to understand their weekday and weekend schedule, the time that they awake in the morning and when they go to bed at night.

We have designed this service with both the homeowner and the trade professional in mind. For the homeowner, they will receive the peace of mind of having an expert program in-home or pre-program their thermostat for optimal comfort and energy-efficiency, and the trade professional will be able to offer this as a new service to their own customer-base.

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