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WarmlyYours Radiant TempZone™ Cut & Turn Roll Now in Twin Conductor

WarmlyYours TempZone Twin Conductor Roll

We are proud to announce the release of our newest product addition to the TempZone™ Electric Floor Heating Collection – made for applications for tile, stone, or hardwood – will now include a Twin Conductor version of the most popular floor heating product line, the TempZone™ Cut & Turn Roll.

The TempZone™ Cut & Turn Roll (Twin Conductor) has the intrinsic advantage of maintaining low electromagnetic fields (EMFs). The addition of the twin conductor version of TempZone™ Cut & Turn Roll, allows us to enhance our flagship floor-heating product – the hottest in floor heating (utilizing a full 15-watts/sq. ft.).

With the twin conductor there are two main benefits:

Easy layout for installation. With a single termination cable, you can layout the entire length of the cable without returning the end back to the thermostat. Installation is faster, allowing for easy free form design with the ability to remove the cable from the tape adhesive.

Easy connection. The main difference between the single and twin conductor roll is the 'cold lead.' With the twin conductor, there is no second connection ‘lead’ to return to the thermostat, making it easy to connect, with only one single lead wire to connect to the thermostat. The single conductor has a ‘cold lead’ at each end of the mat and they must be brought back together at the connection point. We will continue to carry the single conductor version for a limited time.

WarmlyYours TempZone Twin Conductor Roll

Both the single and twin conductor TempZone™ Cut & Turn Rolls are a part of our TempZone™ Electric Floor Heating Collection and are all made for installation under tile, stone, and wood floors, which includes:

  • TempZone™ Cut & Turn Roll for full coverage and optimal in-field, on the job flexibility in installation (available in single and twin conductors)
  • TempZone™ Mini Mat (formerly ValueMat) for heating smaller areas and small bathrooms
  • TempZone™ Standard Mat for larger areas (one rectangular mat) (COMING SOON!)
  • TempZone™ Custom Mat for uniquely shaped rooms, and quick application (COMING SOON!)

To view how to purchase and install the TempZone™ Twin Conductor Cut & Turn Roll, visit WarmlyYours Radiant’s TempZone™ Video Collection and view the video, “Purchasing & Installing TempZone™ Floor Heating.” The twin conductor roll is also suitable for wet locations and is cULus listed.

Go ahead and call a rep today, (800) 875-5285, or place an order online! You are one call or click away from warm feet!

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